5 Facts to know about divorce in Texas

Various factors can contribute to the breakdown of a marriage – lack of communication, infidelity, and finances, to name a few.
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When you know there is no hope for reconciliation; a divorce is the only viable way out. No matter the circumstances or your “reason” to end the marriage, working with a 
divorce lawyer in Houston will help your case. For your help, here are some to know about divorce in Texas. 

  1. Your spouse cannot deny the divorce. Texas allows for no-fault divorces. In other words, you can state the “irretrievable breakdown” of the marriage as a reason for your divorce. While your spouse can intentionally choose to delay the divorce or may deny participating in the divorce process, but they cannot stop you. 
  2. Custody of the kids may be granted to either spouse. There was a time when mothers always got custody of kids in a divorce, but that’s not the case anymore. Aspects like custody and visitation would be considered as per the needs and interests of the children. The court would do what’s in the best interest of the minor child. 
  3. You will not lose everything because of adultery. If your spouse has accused you of adultery, it may sound like the end of the world.
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    Yes, adultery may impact some aspects of the outcomes, but you will not lose everything as far as asset distribution is concerned. You have worked hard to earn those assets during the marriage, and the court will consider that. 
  4. Either spouse can seek spousal support. Also known as maintenance in Texas, spousal support is often one of the key aspects of a divorce. It is a common misconception that only women can seek alimony in a divorce, which is untrue. Either spouse can seek support from the other, depending on the economic realities. 
  5. Equitable distribution is not equal. In Texas, equitable distribution of assets is the norm. However, do not be fooled to assume that it would be an equal distribution. The court will consider various factors to ensure that assets and debts are divided in a justified manner between the spouses. 

Check online now to find more on divorce in Texas, and don’t forget to hire an attorney for your case. While the process doesn’t have to be complicated, it definitely can get cumbersome to handle on your own. A divorce is more than a legal battle – Let an attorney help you with the various steps. 

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