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Build a home in the Nordic style

When talking about a house style รับสร้างบ้านสระบุรี that is becoming very popular right now. It is inevitable that “Nordic House Style” or “Nordic style house” is outstanding in terms of beautiful design. Simplicity that cuts out unnecessary things. but at the same time focusing on practicality including the importance of living By using natural light, we can live in harmony with the surrounding environment more. nordic style house therefore responding to the lifestyle of the new generation and perfectly reflects the identity of the residents who want a good life

“Nordic style roof”, a unique design.

But even the Nordic style houses have a simple and beautiful design. without lines to feel cluttered But in terms of construction, there are important elements that should not be overlooked. Especially when we want the perfect Nordic style home. and can live without worrying about problems that will come later

For example, choosing a “house roof” is an important element that requires special attention. Because the roof is the part that protects the whole house. while the design The roof is no different from the crown of a house that reflects the style from the exterior architecture. Therefore, if you want a Nordic style home that meets both the minimalist design needs. and use that does not cause problems later Today we would like to share with you 4 precautions about roof design and installation that homeowners should not overlook. If we pay attention to details, including installation, risk points and design from the start of construction. Guarantee that you will get a beautiful Nordic style home without any problems.

1. Create harmony with the environment with natural tone roof

Because the key identity of the design of a Nordic style house is The main use of natural tones The earth tone color group is therefore the roof color that is popular in the Nordic style. to make residents feel warm and relaxed It is important to choose roof tiles that are colorful and blend in with the natural environment and are a strong and durable material.

2. Flat roof Responding to clean lines

Minimizing clutter for visual comfort and relaxation. It is one of the key principles of Nordic design. Therefore, choosing a roof should be considered a flat roof. In order to meet the elements of the simple and comfortable lines of Nordic House Style at first sight.

3. High gable roof without eaves reflecting the spirit of nature

Because the weather in the Scandinavian region is very cold. The roofless design reduces snow accumulation on the roof. That’s why we always see the Nordic style roof is triangular gable shape. The roof slopes from a high angle down to the same part as the wall and has no eaves protruding. or may protrude a little And that led an expert Nordic architect to describe the overall look of the roof as a roof style that reflects the spirit of nature. mountain lines and beautifully square

4. Pay attention to the details of installation So that the Nordic style house will not be a problem later.

Even the roof of a Nordic style house looks like a standard roof shape. Emphasize simple lines and uncomplicated geometry. But installing a Nordic style roof has some precautions that need to be paid attention to. or should be taken care of by a roofing professional directly Because if a technician who lacks experience to install There may be problems later on. especially around the joints, wall collision points and roof ridges, which should be cautioned about the initial installation are as follows

Decoration of the front wind molding with steel C-Channel 22.3 x 300 x 1.2 cm.

The roof of a Nordic house that stands out for being a roof without eaves. May lead to the problem of leakage of rain water in the eaves back into the house including the problem of dirt accumulated from rainwater around the wall Therefore, we should pay attention from the installation process to make the Nordic style home look perfect and prevent leakage effectively.
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Decorative front wind molding with iron It is another way to prevent water from seeping into the structure. by forming the wind, in addition to helping the wind clash with the roof tiles It also serves to prevent rainwater from entering the house as well.

Decorate the wind sculpture in this way. Homeowners should choose to use C-Channel 22.3 x 300 x 1.2 cm. Installed at the front wind molding by attaching the C-Channel steel to the rafters so that the top end of the C-Channel steel reaches the distance of the base of the gutter with a distance of about 12-14. cm (point 1), which is the distance that covers the ridge of the roof As a result, the distance from the C-Channel steel base to the rafters is approximately 6-8 cm, which is considered the distance that the ceiling is installed to make the ceiling not too close to the rafters.

That at the top of the C-Channel steel must be installed at the top to prevent water ingress into the structure. by attaching a sheet to cover the joints 1 sheet around the decorative wood and have PU as a water trap Then install the folding steel size 9 x 5 cm over the seam cover. by attaching to the structure by welding

Another important thing is the hidden gutter. by installing under the roof Leave the C-Channel and roof tiles about 2 cm so that water can flow down into the gutters. and at the end of the gutter on both sides that are attached to the eaves There must be a distance of at least 3 cm from the gutter to allow the water to flow from the gutter. Do not flow into the wall until dirt or water may flow back into the house.

Finishing work around the eaves and making a wall-mounted wind sculpture

Finishing work around the eaves and making a wall-mounted wind sculpture Use the eaves installation method next to the Ace. to reduce the filing distance of the eaves Caution in construction is that the top of the set must be sloped. The Asae side inside the building must be about 1-2 cm higher than the Ase side outside the building to prevent water from flowing back into the building. Then install the 8″ wide eaves to the eaves by fixing with screws. The top edge of the eaves must be away from the bottom of the eaves. for waterproofing back into the building Part of the roof tile The end of the roof tile must protrude from the wall about 6 cm to prevent water from flowing back into the building as well.

In addition, if you want to use concrete to mold the wind Concrete wind should be raised from the roof about 12-14 cm, which is the distance that the wind molding can cover the roof ridge. and to make it easier to make the walls of the house look smooth and in line part of the side wall Wind should be formed to protrude from the building about 8-10 cm to cover the end of the tile protruding from the eaves area.

But if you want to have a decoration to add a modern, outstanding, modern feel to the iron work. can use decorative materials Installed at the front wind molding area

The Nordic style is unique. It stands out for its simplicity and practical functionality. But that doesn’t mean that the design and construction of a Nordic home can be built with a lack of attention to detail. Therefore, when thinking of building a Nordic style house to come out as intended.
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Therefore, caution should not be forgotten as we have mentioned. Especially the roof work is the first important element that we will see from the outside.

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