Usually hoodoo spells to get rid of someone are used when a peaceful breakup is impossible or to make the partner be the first to suggest breaking up. For example, imagine there is a prenup according to which you won’t get anything in case you want to get divorced, but if your husband files for a divorce, you get half of everything you have. This spell is helpful in situations like this or if, for example, your partner loves you too much and you want to make your breakup less painful for him.

However, since voodoo is black magic, we suggest you think it through before you do anything. To perform a breakup ritual, you need a lot of courage, determination, and powerful energy. No matter what you do, you will experience some side-effects of this kind of magic – it’s like a bomb destroying everything within a certain range. Only high energy levels and fearlessness will help you go through with it successfully.

We’ve already told you how to prepare your energy for complex rituals. Please find those articles, read them carefully, and strictly follow all the instructions. It takes one up to three months to prepare for a magic ritual but not less than one month. So if you want to cast a spell, the sooner you start preparing, the better. According to Spellcaster Maxim , an individual can consider voodoo magic. As when in precise control, it is safe. However, the choice of enchanter you obtain guidance from is largely decisive on your safety. Some experts deem their client dealing with the adversity of the voodoo love charm is a common phenomenon. Hence, they do not ensure safety in the first place. And this is where experienced spell casters differ from them.


To cast any of the hoodoo spells to make someone go away, you need to engage a spirit on the one hand and protect yourself from this spirit on the other hand. You need a special spirit that likes dirt and garbage and waste, as well as negative energy radiated by humans. If you don’t take any precautions, the spirit will stay with you for a long time, including after it helps you get rid of your partner. If it stays, it won’t let you have a new relationship though.

So purify your energy before performing this ritual. It’s performed on a waning moon. Take a thick cardboard box with a tight cover (you can use a wood box as well) and put it on the table in the evening. Put a lock of your partner’s hair inside the box and some other biomaterials to make the spell stronger, such as:

  • Nail clippings;
  • Skin fragments (left after a pedicure);
  • Napkins with some saliva samples;
  • Cigarette butts;
  • Meal leftovers;
  • Used toothpicks.

Put a picture of the target of your spell inside too, with this person’s name, date of birth and address written on the back with red ink. Then pierce the corners of the picture with a needle. This is how you break through his energy protection shield, allowing the spirit to start influencing him immediately.

Put some rotten fruit, raw meat, and any other expired foods in the box. If you find a spider’s net outside, put it in, too. If you’re lucky and you find an old bird’s nest, put it in the box. Otherwise, add some chicken eggshell.

Now take the cover in your hands and say:

“I’ve prepared a real feast. For a special guest from an invisible world. The one who wants to have a bite promises to help me. I don’t need much. I want (your partner’s name) to leave me, to stop wanting me, and to forget me. A favor for a favor. There is one condition though: when the food has been eaten and the deal has been done, you, the one who’s helped me, will go away and never bother me anymore.”

Repeat the spell three times, put the cover on top and close it tightly, and light a candle. Take the box out and hide it somewhere. In the morning bring it to the house of the person who you want to leave you alone and bury it not far from the front door. Go back home and clean up your place to prevent the spirit from coming back and rearrange the furniture to confuse the spirit in case it still returns.

You should clean up and move your furniture every day for four weeks. As for the ritual, it’ll start working in about two weeks. The target will start avoiding you for some reason. For example, he will fall in love with someone else, find your body odor disgusting, feel intimidated by you, or want to be single and enjoy his freedom again.

The reason why you’re breaking up shouldn’t bother you. The key is to not get stressed out over it and to not be sad. Remember that the spirit will test you as well, as it will enjoy your energy just as much as the energy of your partner. So prepare for some psychological and emotional challenges as well.

When you break up or get divorced (this ritual works for married and unmarried couples) and it becomes clear that there’s no turning back, dig the box out. Don’t open it! Make a fire and throw it in. When it burns down, the spirit engaged by you will have no place to stay and be forced to go back to where it came from. When it leaves, you’ll be safe. The spirit will leave you and your partner alone for good.

This is when your partner might want to see you and think about coming back to you. You should be strong and make it clear that you have no future. This is when your relationship will be ended for good. In most cases this spell can’t be undone. It can’t be broken even by professional spellcasters.


Since a hoodoo spell to get rid of someone can’t be undone, think everything through before casting it. Have your fortune told as well. Sometimes people want to get rid of someone destined to them, of their soul-mate. They misinterpret their feelings and make a terrible mistake.
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They’re faced with a career opportunity but think it’s time to change their relationship. Sometimes they get tired from work but think they do from love.

However, the most common reason why people choose to leave someone destined to them is energy stagnation. It’s quite easy to fix though. Eat less, start going to the gym, and go camping for a week. Don’t keep in touch with your partner while you’re doing it. When you come back from camping, look your partner in the eyes and listen to your heart. It will tell you if you love this person or should break up with him.

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