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Making Reels On Instagram

Instagram reels are something we all are currently crushing on.
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We are hooked on these reels. You can spend hours watching reels in a loop. The art of making reels can help you become a social media influencer and earn credits as well. Reels follow certain Instagram algorithms to rank higher in comparison to other reels. This helps you drive more views and followers to your account. In order to become a social media influencer it is of utmost vitality to have a good amount of followers and a good engagement rate on your profile. Now by a good number of followers we do not mean millions a thousand would also do. If you wish to draft reels to get a good response or engagement on your profile, here are certain tips to accelerate your growth on Instagram.

  1. Personalize your reels: While everyone is busy following the same old pattern of copying trends, you need to start something new. Moreover, add a personalized touch to your videos. Show your viewers your area where you record, BTS scenarios, bloopers or maybe a talk through. This helps people connect more to you. Whenever someone follows you they wish to get more information rather than just trendy reels.
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  2. Show video tutorials: At times some of your videos trend and people do like to see how this was done. At times you put on certain effects which people might want to know how to use. Putting up a tutorial video for any original content helps your users to tap onto your profile to view the results and vice-versa. Especially people who are starting off with reels tend to find inspiration and ideas for their new videos. These videos can help them in many ways. People usually like such content. Users will also be able to Insta zoom your video tutorials using Instazoom tool.
  3. Try something unique every time: Experimenting with content is the only key to find out what works for your account. In order to popularize your content try something unique every time. It could be a new twist to a trend, starting a trend, displaying a talent, providing information which is user centric, using a special effect that’s unique, uploading a new audio that can potentially trend and much more. Putting thought into your work helps it grow.
  4. Declare give away: Giving away is the best strategy to invite in more followers and gain in more views and likes. People love free products hence whenever you put a give it excites them to participate. This is a great way to ask them to follow you to participate in the free give away contest. You can even ask them to like your videos and in comments narrate something they like about the brand. Another option is to host a contest on your profile to attract users.
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  5. Interact with your users: Interacting with your users helps you build connections and trust amidst them. People are hesitant to invest into any profile without the proof of genuineness. Hosting live sessions or reels that include customer talk help people relate to your profile and products. Answer to the comments on your reels to enhance engagement on reels.

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