The difference between CBD and hemp

The only difference is the amount of THC; hemp can’t look at the leaves. The leaf will only tell if it’s a swastika or an indica. But what the law requires is that if less than 1 percent of THC in hemp, if more than 1 percent is cannabis.

What types of hemp can be grown? There are three types of hemp in the country: hemp grown for its CBD kaufen inflorescences, and hemp, where the seeds are squeezed out of oil. Finally, the fiber type. Using leaves, branches, FDA said that hemp and cannabis should not be planted within a radius of 10 kilometers because the type of seed must have a male. The way he took the fibers, he didn’t look at the male and female because it was a male, and the pollen size at 24 microns of the male could fly about 10 kilometers away.

Cultivation of hemp, the FDA says that you can choose to plant six types:

  1. Planted for the benefit of government agencies
  2. planted for tradition
  3. commercial cultivation
  4. grown for medical purposes
  5. planted for education
  6. Planted to develop certified seeds

no matter which plant you choose, there must be a clear source of trade to be correct that the FDA issued this law because if the market is overflowing, It can be used to do other things. But if you can tell that someone bought us can be planted. In conclusion, if you want to grow hemp, you will need permission, just like marijuana. But it’s easier to ask. There is no need for CCTV, no finger scan, but it must have a fence around it to be safe.

What enemies are there to be wary of this time?

During the initial leafing, there will be planthoppers; these are easy to get rid of. Use wood vinegar, soak the neem, spray; it will disappear.

Whitefly will be found under the leaf and must open under the leaf to find the whitefly caught. When injecting, it must be injected under the leaves. Moths will be heavily encountered during flower making.
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It’s easy to see if there are white spots on the leaves. Then look below. You will find small, spider-like mites, which are a bit difficult to get rid of.
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CBD kaufen is not challenging to grow. but difficult to care for flowering stage: 8-12 weeks; Flowering stage if there is a male plant. The light must be switched on 12, off 12, the light switch will start showing gender.

Need people to walk with care When you find a male, cut it, don’t collect it because the substance will keep disappearing. At this stage must be fertilized with more potassium, phosphorus, which is said to be NPK, egg hormone spray. Give red algae seaweed extracted But do not spray on the flowers. Because there will be moisture cause graying Because CBD kaufen is a plant that absorbs water and fertilizer very quickly. Instead of sucking all the nutrients from the roots

to help make flowers, Red mites will start to come a lot. It takes five parasites, parasites, and ladybugs. These will come to help eat red mites. The whitefly is still in this period. During the flowering period, the temperature must be calm and reduce humidity; if not reduced, the mold will increase, reduce the light hours, and increase the intensity of light. Dark light, not hot, not humid.

Harvest and postharvest handling

If you look at the trio, It must be opaque white and 20 percent amber. This method is for specific varieties that will remove THC.

I use binoculars to see the tri-lamp to see if it can be collected or not. Must be inspected one by one cannot be viewed as converted. It can be seen in the pollen. The stamens must be dry, brown, or yellow. Look at the custom; did you not notice the leaves dropping? After cutting the stem, remove the large leaves first. Because when drying, will spit out the water until the flowers are dry. Cut off the large leaves and sell them. Then bring the flowers to hang to dry. Hang at 20 degrees in a dark, well-ventilated room. A fan may be used to help it dry every bouquet. This is drying.

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