Top 5 Common Internet Cyber Crimes

The internet can be a beautiful platform for you to do almost anything online. But every valuable thing has a dark side, just like the internet. Where you can search and solve your queries and problems, you can also get scammed by people. Yes! The internet has numerous hackers, scammers, and cyber thieves. These cybercriminals use tactics such as hacking, phishing, الابتزاز العاطفي, etc. Here are 5 common ways you can fall into the hands of a web criminal.

Hacked Accounts

One of the most common cybercrime is hacking accounts. It is crucial that you never let anyone get hold of our password, for they can hack and misuse your personal information.
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Hackers get to face jail time if caught; it is a criminal offense. Therefore, keep your personal information and account passwords secured at all times.


Another common way of fraud. This involves emailing. Sometimes, you receive emails from some websites you might think are legitimate. Never open suspicious emails or give your personal information to any business or website without checking the legitimacy first. Also, do not open raw links at any cost unless you trust the sender because you can be redirected to various scamming sites from there.


Cybercriminals can use any social media, emails, or private information to ابتزاز الكتروني and stalk people online. This can include using personal pictures or information, threatening or making a false accusation, embarrassing the individual on public platforms, etc. Avoid accepting friend requests from unknown accounts to stay safe.
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Stalking someone online is also known as Cyberstalking, and the penalty for it can be heavy fines and even jail in some cases.

Selling Drugs

Illegal drugs are still illegal if you sell them online. Online trading of drugs is increasing day by day. All the prohibited drugs are just a single click away from the consumer. If caught, the drug dealer can face courts and legal proceedings. It is a crime to sell all these illegal drugs, and police are always on the watch to catch people selling these drugs.

Stealing Credit Card Information

Hackers can steal your bank and credit card information, and you can face significant losses. If you enter the information in shady websites, chances are there are servers begin that are collecting all the information. So always check the data security a business provides before making any online transactions and log out of your bank accounts every time.
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