5 signs to look out for with a loved one that they may need a drug alcohol treatment center

Addiction is a scary and life-threatening disease that affects those who endure the problem and those who care for the sufferer.

Although people with addiction may not always be willing to admit that they have a problem, at some point, the signs of addiction are apparent to the outside world.
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Caretakers and loved ones concerned for the user’s health may begin to spot warning signs that suggest it is time to enlist professional help.

If you are concerned that your loved one may need a drug alcohol treatment center, here are five signs to let you know it is time to get help.
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1. Physical Changes in Appearance

One of the most noticeable signs of drug abuse is changes in a person’s physical state. These changes vary and can include weight gain or loss, changes in their complexion, body and facial sores, and dilated pupils.
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Here are some additional physical signs that drug alcohol treatment center assistance is needed:

  • The user is neglecting their physical hygiene
  • The user is sleeping too often
  • The user is neglecting to eat or exercise

2. Mood Changes: Contact A Drug Alcohol Treatment Center

Drug addiction causes persistent behavioral changes that vary based on the individual. Some signs of behavioral changes brought on by drug addiction include:

  • Lack of interest in things once enjoyed
  • Low energy and dysphoric outlook
  • Unexpected mood swings

Sometimes, behavioral changes indicate a co-occurring disorder that influences drug addiction. The individual would need a professional evaluation by a drug alcohol treatment center to determine conditions at play.

If you need more information, you can find it at The Edge Treatment.

3. Living Unhealthy Lifestyles 

The actions and ways of living taken up by those addicted to drugs suggest that professional help is necessary. Some ways that drug users engage in unhealthy lifestyles include:

  • Spending time with drug users
  • Avoiding friends and family to get high
  • Partaking in dangerous or illegal activities

4. Neglecting Personal Responsibilities

Persons addicted to drugs may also neglect their daily responsibilities to partake in more drug use. Apathy is a persistent trait that develops from ongoing drug use, making it difficult to maintain drive and care for personal relationships and goals.

5. Engaging in Secretive Behaviors

If you’ve noticed that your loved one is going to different doctors to get the same prescriptions, this is a sign they are abusing drugs, and that intervention with a drug alcohol treatment center is necessary.

If you are left out of the loop regarding the suspected user’s whereabouts, this change could indicate that they are hiding a drug problem.

Becoming A Crisis

When drug addiction has become so severe that the individual is no longer in control, they may partake in dangerous behaviors that place them at risk for disease and fatal danger.

If you fear for your loved one’s safety and believe they have “hit rock bottom,” getting help from a drug alcohol treatment center is critical.

Get Professional Help

If a suspected user is exhibiting signs of drug addiction, get them professional help. Be the miracle they need to get better.

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