6 Cool Features of Dab Rigs That Make Them a Unique Smoking Experience!

For people who have been smoking for a long time, the old-fashioned bongs and pipes might not be cool enough. If you like to have unique smoking, it’s time to consider dabbing.
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A dab rig is an essential part of concentrating on smoking. It heats the nail, the wax, and you inhale the vapor.

The popularity of dabbing has increased over the past few years. Dabbing offers some distinct advantages over other methods of smoking. Below we look at the six cool features of dab rigs.


Percolation helps cool and filter your flavor making it comfy on your lungs and throat. Having an internal glass percolator will help provide you with a smoother hit. Two or four-hole percolators are the best picks as they help cool the dabs without reducing the potency of your hit. Percolation will also help condense the smoke and keep it from being harsh.

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Small Mouthpiece

A small mouthpiece will ensure that you don’t inhale unwanted smoke while taking your hit. It also gives you a more extraordinary taste of the vapor. A small mouthpiece also helps keep water out of the mouthpiece if you accidentally knock your water pipe over while taking a hit. Innovative models have shapes and designs to make inhaling smoother and more enjoyable.

Water Filtration

The water filtration process is a vital step in the creation of vapor. Using a dab rig with water filtration allows you to get a cleaner, more potent hit from your waxes and oils. The primary purpose of a dab rig is to provide water filtration, so the smoke cools down and gets filtered by the water. Filtration removes particulates, metals, and other factors from the vapor and prevents respiratory issues and lung infections.

Small Nails

A small nail is perfect for someone who wants minor hits, while a larger nail will allow you to take larger rips without wasting as much concentrates. The best dab rigs have nails made from quartz, a more durable material than glass, and conduct heat better.
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Quartz is also more resistant to breakage than glass.

Glass Joints

The glass joints on a dab rig are unique and often come with many different kinds of percolators, which makes them so cool. Glass joints also create a tighter seal, which means less leakage and more smoke for you to enjoy. Glass joints are also very easy to clean.

A Smaller Rig

Smallish dab rigs offer the perfect balance between portability, flavor, and power. Smaller dab rigs are an excellent option, especially for beginners. They’re easier to conceal, more portable, and often feature smaller nails that produce more flavor than glass-on-glass setups.
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Smaller rigs will give you better delivery and taste, thus enhancing your smoking experience.

Dab rigs are the ultimate smoking experience. It is an entirely different way to get high than smoking a joint, blunt, or bong. These incredible features of dab rigs will give you a more significant unique smoking experience.

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