7 Incredible Jackpot Winning Stories!

Every gambler dreams of hitting a high jackpot in Las Vegas. As the chances are of 1 in 10,000 or worse, striking one of those jackpots we see on TV sound almost too good to be true. With so many online and bitcoin casinos available, players can try their luck at any time!

Stay with us and dream about the most awesome jackpots ever awarded. Keep an eye on our guest specialist, Michelle Thomas, for the latest news from the casino floors. 

Repeating Lightning

You’ve probably heard people saying that lightning doesn’t strike in the same place twice. Well, it turns out they’re wrong. Although it’s rare, this phenomenon does happen. The same goes for the jackpot in slot machines at the best Interac casinos and lotteries that award the same gamblers many times over. 

Anyway, spectacular losses can be repeated too. The businessman Terry Watanabe once lost gut-wrenching $205 million. For perspective, this debt represents more than 5% of the 1 dollar deposit casino revenue where he lost it. Other magnates like Kerry Packer and Frank Saracakis had the same misfortune and got into legal brawls with their casinos. 

So, the bottom line is never to risk funds you can’t afford to lose.

Top 7 Jackpots in History

Casinos are places where fortunes are made and crushed. Typically, those prizes come out of high variance slots, like the popular Megabucks. 

#1 – $39.7 Million – Megabucks

A 25-year-old gentleman scored this epic sum at the Excalibur Casino, in Las Vegas, in 2003. The prize came after he spent $100 in a gambling session. The winner decided to remain anonymous and divide his jackpot into yearly withdrawals of $1.5 million for the next 25 years.

#2 – $35 Million – Megabucks

The story of the second-highest winner on record is as impressive as it is tragic. Cynthia Jay Brennan was 37-year-old when she won a desirable prize, in the Desert Inn casino, in 2000. Months later, she suffered an accident that left her paralyzed. 

#3 – $27.6 Million – Megabucks

An anonymous lady in her 60s took home the third biggest jackpot ever. She’s got the passport to a very comfortable retirement at Palace Station casino in 1998. Accidentally, she ended up spending three times more the intended initially, but with excellent results. 

#4 – $22.6 Million – Megabucks

Yet another Megabucks millionaire. This time, the lucky winner is Johanna Heundl, who took her chances at the Bally Casino, Las Vegas. The 74-year-old woman was stopping by for breakfast and risked $170 in that machine. What would you have for breakfast in her position?

#5 – $21.3 Million – Megabucks

Megabucks never ceases to amaze, it seems. A 49-year-old man from Illinois scored the sweet prize at one of the most famous casinos in the world: the Caesar Palace. The impressive award came after only $10 of the betting. 

#6 – €17.8 Million – Mega Fortune

Megabucks isn’t the only millionaire-maker around. An anonymous Finnish player scored the progressive jackpot. The lucky spin happened in 2013 on an online casino called The unbelievable pot came after a meagre 0.25¢ bet on the NetEnt’s machine.

#7 – $21.1 Million – Megabucks

This time, Megabucks decided to bless a WWII veteran named Elmer Sherwin, not only once but twice. The first time was at the Mirage Hotel & Casino, with $4.6 million, when he was 76. At 92, he won again! In 2005, he scored an even higher jackpot at the Cannery Casino & Hotel: $21.1 million. Mr. Sherwin spent a considerable part of the second prize to help victims of Hurricane Katrina.


Megabucks seems to dominate the list of top slot prizes. Indeed, from seven places, only one played on a different machine. Still, it doesn’t mean that this machine awards everybody. It’s delicious to daydream about a millionaire jackpot, but it happens very rarely. So, watch your gambling habits. 

Gamble responsibly and have fun!

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