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8 SEO tips for small businesses

Building a beautiful website is an incredibly important aspect of running a small business. A website is like your digital business card that anyone can go to and interact with. You will have not only your contact information, but you will have a beautifully crafted and meaningful story that explains your businesses value, and your passions surrounding it. That all sounds beautiful, and we’re super glad that you have all that on your website, the thing that is a worry, is that you haven’t spent time crafting your Darwin SEO strategy, and now, no one can find your website on Google, Bing or internet explorer.

Having good onsite and offsite SEO is super important for you and your business. Not only will it attract tonnes more people to your site, but it’ll give you a better understanding about how difficult it is to rank on Google and why it can be a challenging feat to achieve. Chatting to SEO Consultants Melbourne is a great way to get your Victorian based business booming online, and a great way to get closer to that highly south after page number 1 on Google. Here are some tips to get you there.

1. Find the right keywords

Thinking a little longer into the kinds of keywords that people would put into the google search bar is going to be pivotal to getting good results. Keywords can be very competitive, and some could be relatively non-competitive. Using the Keyword tool in Google ads is a great way to find out the competitiveness of your suggested keywords, and they may even help you find some golden keywords that get lots of traffic but have low competition. Choosing the right keywords begins with you understanding the wants and needs of your target audience. Knowing what they might search for, what words they might use to find a business like yours, takes time to flesh out. Be sure to come up with 20-50 keywords and work on simplifying that list down to the most essential for you to focus on.

2. Do not keyword-stuff

Keyword stuffing is an old black-hat SEO technique which involves placing a bunch of your keywords together as a paragraph on your site, or to have way too many stuffed into an lengthy excerpt on one of your blogs. Any SEO consultants in Melbourne will tell you that keyword stuffing doesn’t work like it used to. Google’s bots that crawl site after site identify keyword stuffing and actually penalise a site for doing it.

3. Build that link

Linking to your site is about getting your content out onto the internet. This content will live on blog pages, and on social media directories, and on the blog sites of other related companies. Building these digital links to your website simply means that you will move higher up the ranking because your site carries more links around the internet. It’s important to remember though that getting your site linked on high-quality sites like an official government website, a university website, or a news site, is going to be more impactful than having 20 blog posts from obscure web pages.

4. Publish high quality content on your site and on socials

The main drive that a search engine has, is to help people find answers to their keywords. This is what Google wants to do, and this is what you want to do. Helping people understand that your business holds the answers to their problems will be beneficial for everyone. Google is happy, your customers are happy, and you’ll be happy. But this means you need to get publishing. Creating high quality blogs, videos or photos that communicate effectively answers to questions that relate to your business is super important. Any SEO consultants in Melbourne will tell you that high quality content is key to getting a good google ranking.

5. Technical SEO and how it’ll help

Technical SEO refers to your website’s structure and Google’s relationship with it. In a nutshell Google has little bots that look out for any red flags on your site, like slow load times, keyword stuffing, or dead links. If the bot itself finds a minimal amount of these issues, then it will very reasonably promote your site. The kinds of things that you may need an SEO consultant on would be things like making sure your security and encryption protocols are up to date, page speed optimizations and the structuring of your data, for more information take a look at the criteria to have in mind when choosing an SEO agency. Other things that you can do can be getting rid of old pages that don’t perform as well, optimizing your images by using the ‘alt text’ section, this is where you describe the image using your relevant keywords.

6. Think local (SEO)

Thinking local is about understanding that your physical business is important too in relation to the digital world. It is important that you are targeting your local areas well enough so that if someone in your area Google’s ‘café near me’, the café you own will show up first on Google. Nearly a third of all mobile searches are location-based queries. Google even uses a person’s location when someone types in “café”, so making sure your local SEO is top notch is going to be a big boost to your organic search results.

7. Google My Business Listings

Any SEO consultant in Melbourne worth their salt will tell you about the importance of setting up a Google My Business Listing (GMB). This little menu will show directions to your business, your website, your contact information, and your reviews. These information packed menus give people most of what they’re searching for when looking for businesses near them. This is why it is important to get that section as optimal as possible. Another feature of the listing is the question-and-answer section, this allows you to have an answer to any FAQs you might be finding in relation to your business. This section is great for additional SEO work that gets your GMB showing up more frequently.

8. Optimise for mobile

I probably don’t need to tell you how important this step is, but just in case you don’t know, there are now more people surfing the web on their mobiles than on desktops these days. More and more mobile use and more and more mobile searches. This means that your site needs to have a seamless and informative mobile experience as well as a desktop experience. If you don’t you’ll be missing out on a whole host of users that will most likely leave your site quickly if it’s a bad user experience.

In Conclusion:

These tips are going to help you know what to set up and have ready for when you begin your website building process. This being said, it is important that you also get in touch with SEO consultants in Melbourne, or in your area when beginning to think about SEO. Reading about it is one thing, talking to the experts will help out in another.

Noah Williams is a writer specializing in health, science, mechanics, and hospitality. He has been writing for over 8 years, and he learn something new every day. From understanding what your website needs are, to what your business provides to your loyal customers, Noah will have the skills and experience to help you write a great article that helps you stand out. Check more of his blogs at

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