Best Ring Styles for Men

When it comes to ring wearing, plenty of men associate this solely with married men. Despite this, in the modern fashion sphere, rings are considered fashion items as well as symbols of marriage. Typically, if a ring isn’t worn on your left ring finger, you’ll find that this isn’t perceived as a wedding ring. Therefore, men are now given free rein when it comes to wearing rings. There is a multitude of styles available to men, meaning that there is all manner of ring types to suit individual fashion preferences. So, what are the best ring styles available to men on today’s market?

Signet Rings

Signet rings are among the most masculine of rings to wear as they’re often described as the gentleman’s ring. Typically, signet rings will have a raised engraving on them to mirror the notion of a family crest being engraved onto them. Usually, men wear signet rings on their pinkie finger, but you shouldn’t let this restrict you. There are no set rules when it comes to fashion so wear your jewelry however you see fit. Just be sure that the ring fits properly otherwise it may feel uncomfortable and look sloppy, which takes away from the classic appearance of a signet ring.

Pinkie Rings

A pinkie ring is somewhat associated with palmistry and astrology as the little finger is thought to be the most closely linked to Mercury. As a result, sought-after qualities such as good influence, judgment, and intelligence are associated with such. When wearing a pinkie ring on your active hand, an intuitive and intelligent character is conveyed. Furthermore, a pinkie ring is ideal for pairing with other rings, meaning that multiple rings can be worn alongside it. Ultimately, professional excellence is portrayed through pinkie rings, making them ideal candidates for a man’s ring.

Thumb Rings

In order to convey assertion, you might opt for a thumb ring. A thumb ring alludes to power, prosperity, and influence. Despite this, thumb rings tend to have thicker and bulkier designs, meaning that they may not be great starter rings. If you’re new to wearing rings, you might not want to start with a thumb ring as it might overwhelm your style. However, if you’re an avid ring wearer, you might consider incorporating a thumb ring into your collection.

Minimalist Rings

Not only are minimalist rings perfect for those who are new to wearing rings, but they’re also thought to reduce anxiety and stress. It’s proven that excessive items and clutter can contribute to anxiety making a minimalist design ideal. Rings such as wedding rings tend to be of a minimalist design since they’re intended to be classic and sophisticated.

Initial Rings

For a personal touch, you might opt for an initial ring. Initial rings are just as they’re described; rings with an initial on them. Whether you’re sporting your own initial or the initial of a loved one, they’re ideal for displaying your identity or your love for someone else.

Cluster Rings

Cluster rings are designed for the detail-oriented individuals who appreciate the finer features. A cluster ring is comprised of small diamond pieces that are arranged to create a geometric shape. The more diamond pieces used, the more intricate your design will be, yet this means that you’re at a greater risk of losing pieces. Therefore, if you’re prone to losing jewelry, you might opt for one with fewer pieces. Cluster rings are among the most timeless of styles, meaning that they won’t go out of fashion any time soon. They’re a popular choice for engagement rings because of this.

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