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What is the save date?

Save the date as an official announcement of your wedding date and location. They also let guests know that they will actually be invited to the festivities. Next, we’ll answer some of the most pressing save the date etiquette questions.

Do I need to save and send the date?

While most of your friends and family have heard about your engagement and May even have an idea of ​​where and when the wedding will take place, this pre-invitation notice is still important. Plus, they’re a fun way to keep your guests informed about the wedding! Also, if you’re having a destination wedding on a busy travel date—such as a three-day holiday weekend, summer in a resort town, or high season in the Caribbean—it’s an expected courtesy to send the save date, as many of your guests will not be able to No travel and hotel arrangements.

When do we send them?

As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to mail your save date four to six months before your wedding — or even earlier if you’re planning a destination wedding that may require more extensive travel arrangements. In general, reminding your guests ahead of time will increase the likelihood that they will attend.

Who should receive one?

Save the date notifications should only be sent to people you plan to invite to your wedding. Once they’re in the mail, there’s no going back, so make sure you’ve compiled an accurate guest list before sending them. Even if you’ve received verbal confirmation from some of your guests, you still need to send them the save date – which of course includes everyone in the bridal party, key wedding attendees and immediate family.

Can we send by email?

Emailing you save the date notification is perfectly appropriate these days. Be aware of some potential problems along the way: your e-cards may get filtered into your guests’ spam folder, or the email address you have maybe an outdated one or one they don’t check regularly while convenient and budget-friendly, delivery is not 100% guaranteed. Plus, there’s a tangible factor: When you mail save the dates card, guests may have it posted somewhere at home or in the office, so it’s a reminder of your upcoming wedding. Of course, some of your older guests may not have email, so you need to make sure they “save the date” in another way.

What information do we contain?

Provide any details that will help guests plan your big day, most importantly your wedding date and location. And, of course, don’t forget to include your wedding website URL, where your guests can find all kinds of additional information! You don’t have to name your wedding and reception location – save the details for your actual wedding invitations. Just name the town or city and state (or destination wedding location) for this early announcement.

Do you really need to send save the date magnet?

When you’re deciding on a schedule for all of your pre-wedding milestones, from when to throw an engagement party to having all the buddies for the bachelorette on the weekend, one of the many to-do items on your wedding planning agenda is deciding whether to send magnet save the dates. Save the date essentially reminds guests that they will be invited to your wedding in the coming months while sharing basic date and location information. Couples typically send a save date a few months after their engagement and set the date and location of the wedding.

You give your guests a reminder

Let’s face it: Calendars can fill up quickly. One of the benefits of sending save the dates is that they remind guests of your official wedding date and location, which is great when travel is involved. That way they can start booking flights and lodging for the weekend – or at least if they live far away or you’re planning a destination wedding, they can set up travel alerts for future sales tickets to your wedding price. Even if they live nearby, they can still mark it on their calendar and will thank you for reminding them.

They can say “no” to other commitments

Marking your wedding day on their future calendar will give your closest and dearest a chance to make plans for your wedding weekend and ensure they don’t accidentally double-book. Numerous personal and professional events and travel plans are confirmed months in advance – including work trips and conferences as well as annual family holidays and more.
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They’ll definitely know they’re invited

You might assume that your friends and family definitely know they’ll be invited to your wedding, but just because they’re close to you doesn’t mean they’ll automatically expect an invitation. Wedding guest lists can be tricky and sometimes feel a bit like a guessing game; save the date confirms to your many circles of friends as well as immediate.

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