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Discover Why WordPress Has Become The Most Popular Web Platform In The World

WordPress has now become one of the most popular website management platforms globally, and with good reason! Thanks to its popularity, hundreds of developers every day choose it over others to make their website.

So what exactly makes WordPress stand out from its competition? Want to find out? Then read on as we discuss the top 6 reasons WordPress is so popular.

6 Reasons Why WordPress Is Popular

1. Flexible

WordPress is immensely popular for its flexibility. You will get everything you need to control your website at your fingertips.

For example, you get an appearance tab on the left-hand side of your dashboard to change your widgets, menus, codes, fonts, and others. So your website’s control center is right in front of you. Again, other important work like advanced code edits, accessing website files, and others can be done directly from the dashboard.
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2. SEO-Friendly

We know how important search engine ranking is for most websites. And the good news is, WordPress knows that too! It provides several default SEO functionalities to ensure your website gets the attention it deserves. It can even generate meta descriptions and title tags for your pages and posts!

3. Secure

Websites get hacked every day. Companies get harassed every day due to the lack of security from getting trojans, viruses, and others.
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However, in WordPress, with the right set of guidelines, you will be safe from hackers and viruses.

Some guidelines include installing WordPress security plugins, updating the core themes, plugins, and software, avoiding null plugins, and more. While it doesn’t guarantee 100% safety, you can get rid of most hackers, viruses, and trojans this way.

4. Easy To Use

Website building is a difficult task, which is why most non-techies try to avoid it. However, building a WordPress website is significantly more straightforward – you won’t even have to know how to code for that! You can watch some WP tutorials, which will give you all the knowledge you need to set up a WP website.

5. Free

You heard that right – WordPress is free for download! You can check it out before opening your website. However, you do require a host and a domain name. The prices for those are nominal. They also include logo design, technical support, SSL certificate, and more. You can buy anything you like if you ever need them.

6. Caters To Every Website

Last but not least, the best part about WordPress is that it caters to the demand of every website. It doesn’t have to be just a blog, with WP, you can create websites for online stores, forums, corporate websites, portfolios, and much more. You can use the various plugins and themes on WordPress to build any website you want.


So now you know why WordPress is so popular for setting up websites. If you want to set up your website one day and feel that they are the right platform for you, then don’t hesitate. Hire a reliable website developer like King Kong NZ and make your website on WordPress! All the best.

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