How to choose a managed cloud service provider?

As several IT systems are externalized, you need to ensure that you pick the right managed cloud service provider for your long-term success. But the available market is vast, with several providers offering an even more significant number of services.

Factors For Choosing the Best Managed Cloud Service provider

Certifications and standards

The managed cloud service providers that comply with recognized standards and quality frameworks show that they align with the best practices in the industry. These standards may not determine by the service provider you choose. However, they can be pretty helpful in shortlisting potential suppliers. There are several standards and certifications available. Generally, you need to look for a structured process that is effective data management and good knowledge management.
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Besides that, you need to understand how the managed cloud service provider plans to resource run support continuously adherence to the standards.


You need to understand how much recording or customization you need to make your work clothes suitable for the platform. Ideally, service providers have technical staff that can quickly fill skills gaps in the migration teams. But some large scale managed cloud service providers offer limited support, so you need additional 3rd party support to fill the skill gaps. How to ETL migration to Cloud

Service road map

It would be best if you asked the managed cloud service provider about the road map of their service development and how they plan to continue innovating and growing over time. Some of the most important factors to consider include commitments to specific technologies. Depending on the particular cloud strategy, you need to evaluate the overall portfolio of the services that providers can offer. If you plan to use a separate set of services from abroad mix of providers, this might not be relevant. Still, if you prefer to use only a few Managed cloud service providers, those service providers need to offer a good range of services.

Data management

You are most likely to have a data classification scheme that defines the data type as per the sensitivity or policies on data residency. In addition, you should be aware of the regulatory or data privacy rules that govern your data. Considering that your data’s location or the subsequent local laws it is subject to may be an important aspect of selection process. You need to look for managed cloud service providers that give you choice and control regarding the jurisdiction in which your data is stored if you have specific requirements on organizations.

Information security

The provider’s information security controls must be demonstrably risk-based and support your security policies and procedures. In addition, you need to ensure that user activity is auditable through the routes and get parity on security rules and responsibilities in the contacts.

The managed cloud service provider will align with your business’s best possible information security standards.

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