The Brief Guide That Makes Choosing a Workplace Dress Code Simple

Would your workplace benefit from an employee dress code?

Whether you want the dress code to be casual or strict, creating a team that looks cohesive is a smart management decision. After all, dress codes make it easy for customers to find employees, they look professional, and they may help employees feel more like a team.

But how do you, as a small business owner, choose a workplace dress code that doesn’t look out of place? We want to guide you.

Keep reading to learn more.

Casual, Matching, or Professional? 

First, you’re going to have to decide what type of dress code you’re going for. This will often depend on the type of business that you’re running.
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Office workers tend to have an office-casual dress code. They wear clothing that looks neat but isn’t restrictive. This is great for employee happiness as they get to wear their own clothing.

Professional customer-facing roles, such as lawyers, tend to have a more professional dress code. They may wear suits, dresses, and other clothing that inspires confidence in their work.

Casual establishments often have their employees match. For example, large stores like Target tend to have employees all wear the same color t-shirts and pants.

Choosing Colors

If you’re choosing to have your employees match, make sure that you choose a color that fits your overall business brand. This color will represent your business long-term.

Try to choose something that isn’t abrasive. If you’re allowing employees to wear their own clothing, make sure that it’s easy to find. For example, black polo t-shirts are easy to find at any clothing store, and they still look professional.

Keeping It Simple 

Unless you run a unique business that requires outfits like costumes, it’s best to keep your employee dress code simple. You want employees to stay comfortable (after all, employee happiness is tied to employee productivity).

While it was once fashionable to require female employees to wear heels and makeup, this is no longer appropriate in most industries.

If you want to keep things very simple, you could make nametags the only obvious part of your workplace dress code. This way, employees don’t have to buy anything new, and you only have to cover the cost of the tags themselves.

Maintaining Your Brand

The most important part of your workplace dress code is your brand. How are you going to represent your brand on your employees?

You could put a screen-printed brand logo or brand name on the front or back of your employee t-shirts. This isn’t often the most professional look, but it’s great for casual establishments or businesses that have to produce many employee shirts.

For a fancier look, you could get custom embroidered patches for your employees with a brand image or logo. This is a more expensive option, but it’s also more appealing and it shows that you’ve put more effort into your dress code.

What Will Your Workplace Dress Code Look Like?

Choosing a workplace dress code can be fun. Consider brainstorming your new dress code with your employees. Remember, you want them to like their new outfits too!

Have fun creating your workplace dress code!

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