The versatile nature of hessian cloth in Kenya

Hessian, as it sounds, could be an uncommon name to many but what it actually is, is widely known and used in Kenya.
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Hessian is made from fibers of natural jute and generally, it is eco-friendly. There are diverse types of hessian including soft hessian, bituminized hessian, laminated hessian, fire retardant hessian, and dyed jute hessian.

There are various reasons why hessian is considered versatile. These are its uses. And they are as follows.

Food Storage

Simple hessian material could be used for food storage. Talk of the lots of bags of maize and other cereals on warehouses and other industries. Homes are also not left out. Its strength makes it capable of sustaining huge weights for a long period. The hessian types that could perform this duty include the soft hessian and even the laminated hessian fabric.

Arts and craft

The dyed jute hessian could be used in creating theatre backdrops and making costumes for drama festivals. Some beautiful carrier bags are also made from hessian material. Various forms of hessian could be calligraphed into diverse objects like artificial flowers and luxurious statues thus, known as versatile.

Industrial Use

Hessian material is used to make sieves in various machines when wanting to come out with fine particles or filtered fluid. It is also used in covering other machines and in providing surfaces for the safe storage of the machines. It could also be used in the covering of walls in different fams such as in studios, to facilitate the absorption of sound rather than the echoing.


The distribution of hessian cloth Kenya is often seen with packaged sand and this is due to its ability to withhold dense goods. This is done mostly in the coastal regions and besides the areas surrounding lakes and rivers.

Heat and frost protection

Out of the thick nature of hessian cloth, it is evident that it could be used to retain heat within the object and evenly distribute hence preventing heat loss. Likewise, it is used to prevent the entry of heat into frost objects.
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The covering of this is then so effective on such objects.

Farm Use

Hessian cloths could be used in creating scarecrows and also used to dry farm produce after harvesting. They could also be used to carry farm applications such as fertilizers and seeds during planting and growth of crops and they can also be used to carry the farm produce on harvesting and this happens in various regions in the country.


Haven’t you seen furniture like coaches aired out before being fully furnished? Probably not. But the higher probability is that it is known to a larger percentage of Kenyans locally. This hessian gives the desired base for upholding not only furniture-related tools but also mats and other house furnishing and roofing equipment, such as the soft and bituminized.


Looking keenly at the above-explained points, one could count and appreciate many more extra points on the uses of hessian cloth in Kenya.

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