Top 10 Interesting Ways To Pass Your Time When Homealone

If you live with friends (roommates) or relatives, staying home alone may not be a common thing. You have the opportunity to do things you wouldn’t typically do, or simply rest and enjoy some quiet time. Being home alone when you want to is one thing, however, being home alone when you can’t go out is quite another! In any case, here’s a list of 10  interesting and productive things you can do when you’re alone at home:

1. Order your favorite food:

Remember the last time you were able to sit down and enjoy a leisurely meal that didn’t require any prepping? Now’s your moment to gorge yourself on your favorite foods—just don’t do it too frequently or you’ll gain more than a few lbs!
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You can buy fresh seafood from Fish Me for having the best times of your home alone stay!

2. Sing or dance:

This is your time to dance like no one is looking, so turn on some dance music and get your groove on!

Alternatively, if you enjoy the notion of dancing but lack confidence in your movements, take advantage of this opportunity to watch dance class videos and learn to swing!

It’s the ideal moment to enjoy your own little concert now that you’re all alone.

You could even practice all those pitches that you know you usually miss in the living room without upsetting anyone’s ears.

3. Window shopping:

Well, who doesn’t love to shop? Go on, get your favorite clothes online, it probably might even take your entire day considering how much certain people like shopping.

4. Binge watch:

It is the best time to watch your favorite show and binge-watching the series you have always been wanting the appropriate time for. Or maybe you could watch your favorite movie all over again!
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5. Listen to podcasts:

Be it horror, or any other genre you like, pick the best podcast from the internet and listen to it. It will definitely help you pass your time, and could also inspire you in some when (well if it’s a devotional podcast).
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6. Paint:

If you are a person who really likes painting, this might be the best time for you. No disturbance around and literally no one asking you a thousand questions about what you are making. Just pick up your colors and canvas, and go mad!

7. Bake:

Do you love to bake but always have someone cooking in the kitchen? Well, the kitchen is all yours today! Go get baking without the annoying questions.

Make something you have always wanted to:

All of us have that one thing in our mind that we have always wanted to either cook, construct, or draw but have always been shy. Well, this is the right time for you!


While this may not be everyone’s idea of fun, getting rid of clutter in your bedroom would go a long way in enhancing your mood.


Give your room (or maybe yourself) a big makeover and surprise everyone when they get back home!

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