The ring is on your finger and you are set for the bridal shopping. Your bridal trousseau is the deepest treasure. Each element is important and absolutely nothing can go wrong. We feel you. Now here’s the thing, it’s your wedding and nothing must go wrong then why pay the least amount of attention to the very crucial thing?

Your neckline! 

And the necklace you are pairing it with!

It’s the very core of your look and has the whole power to break it or make it. 

A very important part of your bridal jewellery shopping is making sure you choose the right bridal necklace set. The one that escalated your bridal look to the next level. 

Because your neckpiece and your neckline are the mystery puzzle that must fit together. 

Knowing the neckline of the blouse is crucial, and understanding what you want to pair it with is the next step. That being, if your blouse is heavy at work then keeping your bridal necklace set minimal is wise.  At the same time, keeping your blouse work minimal must be paired with intrinsic work necklaces.

To give you a basic idea and help you choose the perfect jewellery set for your wedding here are a few inspirations that you can take from:

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  1. V-neckline:  it’s the most common one, so we’ll start with this.  The most eye-catching part of the v-neckline blouse is the border. To make sure it accentuates, pairing it with a dainty bridal choker set in Kundan jewellery is winsome. It gives you a more flattering look and sculpts your neckline as well. Adding a long necklace highlights the neckline’s borders and amps up your entire look. All over, you create a beautiful elegant statement. 
  2. Sweetheart neckline– it’s trending. The neckline is like a swift brushstroke. It’s going to catch everyone’s eyes. Pairing this neckline with a shorter, fuller necklace is your perfect choice. You can also go with a broader choker or much better, to accentuate with the border of the neckline a bib necklace. Make sure you add precious and semi-precious stones to your bridal choker set to amplify the whole bridal look.
  3. Plunging neckline– honestly, if you have the confidence, then who exactly is stopping you from making the bold statement? arouse the heat while pairing this neckline with a bib necklace in Kundan jewellery. It highlights the border of your blouse while unifying the whole look. There’s nothing better to bet upon than this!
  4. Boat neckline– many brides are going for about neckline these days, what with it giving sophisticated and classic vibes. If you are choosing this, you might want to take it a bit easy on the bridal necklace part. When your boat neckline is heavy in work, it is smart to go for long haar with a small pendant to create a beautiful uniformity.
  5. Off-shoulder neckline- highlighting your shoulders and those beautiful collar bones are preferred by many brides these days. A simple diamond necklace or a Kundan single-layered necklace is your best friend here. You look charming and elegant. And along with that, it’s a basket full of comfort! 
  6. A high collared neckline:  you might not need any bridal necklace set in this neckline. It elongates your neck and gives off a very polishing chic look! But a bride isn’t a bride without a bridal necklace set, isn’t it? So what about maharani haar or multilayered haar in polki or Kundan jewellery? Creates a magnificent element to your bridal jewellery set. And makes you look very much regal.

We have been doing all this talking on the bridal jewellery set. The cost of it perhaps has crossed your head.  And it’s sure you already have the basic idea of what bridal jewellery you are going to choose. 

What is stopping you from making the next step is known, it’s understandable? 

But there’s always more than one option.

Thinking about an option to not compromise with your plans and going environment and pocket friendly is an excellent choice. 

There is the option to rent jewellery online. Why online? Because you don’t want to end up exhausted in bed after running around for bridal jewellery everywhere. searching for bridal jewellery online is a wise choice. 

You will have a concern about the quality and authenticity of the jewels and would want to go for the best. 

We have your back for this.

Rent n Flaunt is a brand that lets you rent the best designer jewellery online, and with the utmost care taken over each piece, you are presented with bridal jewellery sets of top-notch quality. Having a versatile option in every wedding trousseau. it’s your one-stop for that big fat Indian wedding.

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