Why you should consider studying online

We live in a digitally dominated world, and there are many pros and cons to that. During the lockdowns, technology kept the world turning, and digital platforms like Zoom, Teams and social media kept us connected when we had to isolate. Ultimately the pandemic culturally changed us forever. Universities and schools put all learning online, and the pandemic altered the education landscape profoundly. Today, society is comfortable in the digital realm and those who previously might’ve shied away from video communication now find it is second nature. It’s no surprise then that the way we study and access education has changed too.

So, what are the benefits of online learning?

Flexibility at its best

One of the most significant benefits of studying online is the flexibility it offers – when you learn online, you can work and study when and where it suits you. No commuting to campus for lectures and seminars, you can juggle your education, career and home life with ease, and you don’t have to take time away from work. Everything can be managed and done at your own pace, outside of the traditional class and office hours.

Go your own pace

Coinciding with this flexibility is learning at your desired pace. Trying to keep up with a lecturer and constantly taking notes within that timeframe can be overwhelming. Online learning allows you to take your time, absorb the information thoroughly, and even review the course materials as often as you like and at a time when you are most focused. It allows you to manage your own time. If 6 am when you’re the most productive, you can sit down for an early bird study session. Or the night owls might log in for 8 pm after the day’s jobs are all completed.

Earn an income while you learn

Because all your learning takes place online, on your schedule, there is no need to take time out of work and sacrifice your income. Additionally, online learning is inexpensive compared to other options that involve commuting to campus and changing your working situation.

Enhance your lif

Lockdowns left many people feeling isolated and bored. What a time to be alive where you can study online from the comfort of your home and earn a recognized qualification! Lots of people took up new hobbies during the pandemic to pass the time, whereas others used it as a chance to learn some new skills.

Another life-changing benefit of studying online is you get to meet new, interesting people through the course – your tutors and course-mates could be all over the world, so who knows where these connections can take you? Through virtual classrooms and discussions, you gain a broader range of international perspectives, which will also improve your cross-cultural understanding, enhancing your educational experience in a whole new way.
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Advance your career

Online study is a perfect fit if you’re a working professional who wants to continue with your learning journey or if you’re a busy parent who can’t sacrifice work commitments. Advancing your career can take many forms, such as upskilling or reskilling, working towards a promotion, or changing career fields entirely. The flexible and supportive nature of online learning makes it very attractive to professionals ready for the next step.

Online learning provides benefits and flexibility at every stage of their life and career, and it is the sure way to go. Plus, learning new skills is good for you! It is enriching and can contribute to your happiness and health positively.

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