10 Ways To Help Someone Stop Drinking

If you know someone addicted to alcohol or drugs, then it’s time to help them by stopping their addiction. While your help can be of some benefit, the addict is ultimately the only person who will be able to stop their own addiction successfully.

However, loved ones or family members can still take some important steps to try and stop their addiction or addictive behaviors through good alcohol addiction treatment.

The methods mentioned below can help you to stop the addiction of your loved ones to a great extent. Here are those ways to help you with your struggle to smoothly conduct the alcohol addiction treatment of your loved ones.

10 ways to help a person to stop drinking

1. Try to think about the reasons for their addiction

Before confronting someone seriously, try to sort out the reasons for their alcohol addiction. Be ready to have a heart-to-heart conversation with your near and dear ones about their issues.

If you say that you are seriously concerned but do not have any solid reasoning, your family member may not take your words seriously. This conversation can help them a lot with their alcohol addiction treatment.

2. Go for a comfortable talk

In some cases, people struggle with the problems of anxiety or depression and choose to drink alcohol as a method to self-medicate. It is very crucial to realize that there may be some hidden mental health issues that can be the cause of a person’s addiction to alcohol.

Remember not to sound accusatory in case if the person is not aware that they are suffering from mental issues.
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Just ask them softly if they think that there may be any specific cause to their drinking. Try to feel their response, and act accordingly.

3. Choose to communicate openly

The person is never going to know that you’re seriously concerned unless you express that. So, try to go for open communication to get their consent regarding the alcohol addiction treatment.
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4. Don’t give an ultimatum

In many cases, someone with a drinking habit will choose to have alcohol over any other thing, thus leading to more stress, anxiety, and pain. Instead of giving ultimatums, it is better to offer options for help.

5. Get advice from the people in your life

If you know someone who was able to quit drinking, try and speak with them. Ask them how they have faced their drinking problems and how they started the task of quitting drinking. These can help you a lot with your struggle to face alcohol addiction treatment.

6. Don’t drink in front of the person

Remember not to drink in front of the person who is trying his best to quit drinking. Drinking near the person could ignite their cravings for alcohol or force them to believe that you weren’t really serious in your concern.

7. Try to offer resources

Try to direct them to a special type of treatment program that can be a good fit for them. For this, you can get a lot of information from the internet.

8. Don’t make hurtful comments

Don’t lower the self-esteem of an alcohol addict, as this can demoralize you to a great extent, and they will not feel your true concerns. Even if it’s just said joking and lighthearted way, to you it may seem like not a big deal but can have serious implications on the person trying hard to quit.

9. Don’t keep alcohol near them

Remember not to keep alcohol at home or near the person who is trying to quit drinking. Try to choose some healthy alternatives to help them with their effort to quit drinking.
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10. No matter what try to be supportive

No matter what, always try to support them throughout their tough journey that involves getting alcohol addiction treatment or following the steps to quit alcohol.

All of these ten methods will help you to support your loved ones while they are going through the process of alcohol addiction treatment.

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