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6 Space Saving Interior Ideas You should try in Your Home

A “small, cozy living space” is a dream for many people. Whether you want to save on rent, live in a new environment, or enjoy less clutter in your life, this article will help you out by providing ideas you should try if you’re eager to accomplish your dream of creating the perfect small apartment. Follow these six simple tips to create a practical but beautiful and functional space:

1) Select A Corner Sofa

Instead of choosing a sofa that takes up too much space, choose a corner sofa. A corner sofa can be the right choice if you have limited space: a corner of a room, a small hallway, or even an alcove will work. This is especially true if your living room doesn’t have any windows—ask yourself how many corners are there in your living room. Choose an armless sofa that can fit into any corner comfortably and decorate it with comfortable cushions if necessary.

2) Create Space Illusion With Paint

If you want to create a space illusion, paint all the walls in your room white or choose a light, neutral color that looks “white” from far away. Then, you can show off beautiful objects or artworks on the walls to create interest and personality. To look more interesting and modern, use patterns in your wallpaper instead of plain wood moldings. Or have pictures printed on walls: they’re easier to change than wallpapers if you have kids or pets who love rearranging them every three months.

3) Use Mezzanine Floors

In most apartments, living rooms are used to put sofas and TV sets, while bedrooms are where you spend time with family. However, it’s better to put your bedroom on a mezzanine floor in a small house. This works well for houses where everyone sleeps on the second floor. Mezzanine floors are great for small rooms because they add more space without taking up any additional room: simply add a second level of flooring above the existing one. You can get them from Factory Mezzanine Floors to fit your house.

4) Declutter Storage Baskets

When it comes to storage, you should use any container that will help you store items in your home—even something that used to be an actual basket. Use a large colander or strainer instead of a basket to separate food in the kitchen. Store magazines and books in an empty laundry basket or box.
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You can even decorate it with lace or ribbon to make it look more interesting. The choice is yours.

5) Instantly Create A Closet With A Locker In Your Room

Whether you’re in a small house or a small apartment, you should still have a closet with shelves inside it so that you won’t have to go out of your room to get everything. You can even buy a lockable storage unit for clothes and other items, like cabinets for shoes.
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It’s much easier than going out of your room whenever you need to get something.

6) Save Space With Wall Shelves

If you’re out of space for your clothes, beddings, and other household items, you can use the walls to store them. For example, use coat hanger holders to hang towels or bed sheets. Mount hooks on the wall near your washing machine so you can hand-dry your clothes after washing them. You can even store books on wall shelves to save space: using these shelves is a great way to make the most out of a small space.


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