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Tips on Taking Care of Your Moroccan Rug

Moroccan people are the original makers of vibrant coloured and patterned rugs that many people worldwide would want in their homes. These beautiful Moroccan rugs are handwoven by the indigenous Berber tribes in Morocco, North Africa. Passed down from generations, these heirlooms are trending in the interior design market. You can find their unique creations in numerous distinct shops in the country.

Morocco-made rugs are an essential piece of art in every Moroccan household. They are not just used as carpets but also in beds and seating, especially during celebrations. These rugs represent their local culture and the beauty of their country.

Each rug is intricately woven with geometric motifs and tribal symbols. Each distinct design and style of the rugs represent the Moroccan’s local access to natural plants, minerals for dyes, and vegetation, knotting patterns, and the climate of that area of Morocco. To maintain and preserve the dyes and designs, you must know how to take care of your purchased Moroccan rug. Here are some ways and tips on cleaning them:

The Traditional Technique

The conventional method of cleaning the Moroccan rug is a homage to the rug makers. Simply airing out the rug under the sun’s heat and hanging it for a few hours kills bugs and microorganisms that may seep into the rug’s fibres. Furthermore, beating and shaking the rug can get rid of all dust and dirt particles; thereby, preserving the carpet’s beauty.

Washing Your Rug

You can wash your Moroccan rugs too. If you notice dirt and stains, gently wipe off anything stuck to the fibres, then place the rug under running water until the stain comes off. Avoid cleaning chemicals or solutions and other cleaning agents because they may be too harsh on the rug and damage them.

Before placing the rug under running water, spot clean spills and stains to ensure that the colours won’t run down. Similar to the traditional method, you should then leave your carpet out to dry by hanging it outside under the sun. It would be best not to put your mat in the washer or dryer as it may cause damage to it or shrink it.

Should there be any damage or mistake while cleaning your rug, it is best to let the professionals handle it. Moreover, it is also essential to let them regularly clean your rug, even if it’s just once a year, as they know how to handle various rugs and ensure deep dirt cleaning.
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Vacuuming Your Carpet

It is okay to vacuum your carpet as long as you do it properly. Maintaining the charm of your rug can be done by removing dirt and fuzz by regularly vacuuming its surface. You must only use a soft brush edge that is stationary and avoid the rotating bristled one to prevent significant damage.
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Don’t forget to flip the carpet over and vacuum the other side. Getting professional help will also ensure that your carpet will be cleaned and vacuumed properly.

Additional Tips

You may choose to buy a rug pad to maintain your rug’s softness. It also serves to protect your flooring from scratches and your mat from shedding.

Brushing your rug regularly with a proper rug rake or comb will also help minimize shedding and maintain the fluffiness and texture of your carpet.

Ensuring disciplined care and periodic cleaning will help you get the most value from your rug.

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