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Personalised stickers for everyone in home, office and nursery.

If you are a person who likes everything to be the way you like it, this post is for you. I have to talk first about my suitcase, because I love to personalise everything to the millimetre, and whenever I can, I give a personal touch to all or almost all my things. One of the easiest ways is to use custom stickers. So far I haven’t customised my smartphone, not because I don’t want to, but because I don’t see anything interesting. So much so that I even want to customise my Nintendo Switch Lite to make everything perfect.

In this case, I have to talk about customising our homes. That’s something I’m planning to do too, because we are two geeks who want to give a special touch to some rooms, not only with a picture or two, but also with some vinyl.

Now that we want to expand our family, we have to think about how we want to furnish some of the rooms. It is too early, but it never hurts to have some interesting ideas, especially to decorate with colourful nursery wallpaper for the children’s room. This will make the bathroom stand out from the rest of the house and look much more appropriate and welcoming for what is to come. It doesn’t cost anything, neither time nor money to get it all ready and pretty. By using wall vinyl, we can save the cost of a painter. Not only that, but we can put whatever we want wherever we want without being too limited.

In this case, it must also be said that when we start personalising this room, the others will have to follow suit, or at least dress up a little more. The use of original wallpaper gives a different touch to our home. Personally, I have always liked having wallpaper on the wall, as it allows for more effective cleaning in many cases. There are all kinds of designs to suit our taste. With this material, we can give our house a modern, urban or classic look, among other things.

For my part, I also have a room or “office” (a place to give free rein to our creativity) at home that I would like to furnish with Star Wars paper or vinyls or something similar at some point to be able to freak out a little more, because as I said, we are all “geeks”.

Everything I’m talking about now, the big wallpapered halls and so on, a few years ago you could only buy and put up in some places if you knew the professionals. The bad thing is that not all pockets can afford to hire professionals to do these things and learn how to adapt them themselves. It’s a kind of DIY. We buy them and put them in ourselves. All you need is patience and a good hand to make everything look exquisite in the end. There is no rush in this kind of work.

There are many ways to personalise things, not only on the outside but also on the inside. Knowing how to do it is easy, especially when it comes to smartphones.

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