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Knowing the Good Sides of Choosing Porcelain Flooring

If your dream house is on the verge of completion, flooring is an immediate choice to make. Despite vast options available today, each tile type has its setbacks, usually relating to installation costs and time. By far, everyone looks for sturdy and durable flooring options, and porcelain tiles have all such convincing properties.

Porcelain and Ceramic tiles often go synonymous among new property owners. But in reality, they have their differences and, it isn’t surprising to know porcelain takes an edge. The prime reason is porcelain has a higher average life span comparatively.

Benefits of Porcelain Tile Flooring

Porcelain tiles don’t just suit residential areas but also commercial spaces due to their high traffic bearing capacity. Also, tile printing is available on porcelain floorings and porcelain floors are available in distinct designs and are visually appealing! Here is a list of other ways you benefit after using porcelain for your platforms,

1.They aren’t just for floors

Due to their high-end property, porcelain tiles aren’t just for floors but are also desirably used as wall tiles. Large-format porcelain tiling is becoming popular today and goes well on facades. These tiles have versatile varieties, making them both interior and exterior styling options.

2.They are the most sturdy option

Porcelain tiling is over ceramic due to its sturdy and solid finish. It’s because the making involves processing clay and firing at high temperatures, pressing at higher densities to attain grimmer standards. These inherent properties have given porcelain functional benefits of being fire and impact-proof.

When you have carpets to cover your plain tiles, it increases the risk of an intense fire accident! Rugs can catch hold of fire and burn and release toxic fumes. When you go with porcelain tiling, you do not compromise on appeal and safety.

3.They are for your entire property!

Unlike other tile options which limit its usage within spaces, porcelain is an all-serving option. For instance, when you choose cement-bodied tiles, you can use them for stairs, balconies but never in wet bathrooms!
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Aged people and wet bathrooms don’t go well together. One in every three older Australians experienced a fall this year and a wet bathroom is not an appropriate sign. As porcelain is less porous, it absorbs moisture at a notably low rate, just the way your wet bathrooms need to feel dry!

They are waterproof and resistant to soap stains, making your bathrooms slip-resistant. So, when you pick porcelain, you need not turn to other options. They suit both high and low traffic spaces, bathrooms and outdoor areas. You can go with an all-white porcelain tiling for bathrooms and some printed pieces for the living room.

4.Less maintenance, more convenience

When you pick traditional tiles for your flooring, you cannot enjoy the benefits of them being stain proof at all times. That is, to have them resistant to stains and cracks, they must go for sealing. Also, sealing requires scheduled refilling to maintain such properties in the long run.

On the flip side, porcelain tiling does not demand any sealant to resist stains, water, cracks and chips. Also, they are easy to clean. Sweeping and mopping are so much easier on them and they best suit kitchens that often have floor spills, in this case!

5.They are economical

These tiles have indeed been on the expensive side of most budgets. But today, they are worth every penny for the quality and longevity they provide. The costs are now similar to those of ceramic tiles.

Also, there are many ways in which you can save some bucks in the long run.
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With porcelain tiling, you save maintenance or repair costs that can seem normal with other options. As a bonus, you save extra on installation costs because porcelain tiling has an easy installation.

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