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Some Important Things About Building Permit in Ontario

The sheer number of variables that go into building a home might be overwhelming.
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While adhering to the bylaws, you must develop a budget and account for the resources. When you live in a city like Ontario, the procedure gets considerably more complicated.

With a population of over 6.4 million people, the Greater Toronto Area is a popular residential area. However, to construct a home in such a high-demand area, you must first secure building permit from the city.

When, on the other hand, is it required? How do you get a building permit in Ontario? What are the ramifications of failing to obtain a permit? Read on to find out everything you need to know about getting building permit Ontario.

In Ontario, how long does a building permit last?

Construction must commence within six months of the Ontario building permit being obtained in Ontario unless the Chief Building Official grants an extension.

If the work has not been finished on time after the construction permit has expired, you will need to reapply for a building permit.

In Ontario, how long does it take to receive a building permit?

The period in which building permit Ontario is provided or refused under the Ontario Building Code is usually 10-15 business days from the day after a permit application is received. This rule applies to all municipalities in Ontario. Working with a trained and experienced designer to ensure your application is proper the first time it is submitted is always recommended to avoid any delays.
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The time it takes to process a request varies depending on the municipality and the time of year it is submitted.

A proposal must also be presented to a local committee of adjustments for review in circumstances where applicable zoning bylaws require a slight variation.
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This is frequently necessary for projects that include a home addition or extension, the construction of a new structure on the land, or a significant refurbishment.

When is the Best Time to Apply for a Building Permit in Ontario?

Ontario building permit should be obtained at least one or two months before the renovations. There’s no need to wait until the last minute because the permit is valid for a year once it’s issued.

You can even use reputable service providers for more significant results. To make the procedure more accessible, they can examine your renovation demands and look for zoning difficulties. They can also assist in areas such as architecture, design, engineering, and construction.

Some suggestions for you

  • Plan your project 3-6 months ahead of time if you know it will require a city permit, as you have no influence over the processing periods with your municipality and will need more time to collect the necessary papers.
  • Instead of hiring an architect, you can engage a technologist with a BCIN (Building Code Identification Number) and the relevant certification for the type of project you want to execute for most home projects.


If your renovation affects the structure of your home, the external envelope, or changes the purpose of a portion of your home, you’ll need a building permit. Because costs and deadlines differ by the municipality, be sure to double-check with your city’s construction department.

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