A Comprehensive Guide for Asian Handicap Bettors

Asian Handicap is popular with many players bookmaker New88 care about. With this form, you do not need to worry about the difference between the two teams that can affect your ability to win the bet. So specifically, what is Asian soccer betting and how does it work? Read the detailed article below to get the most accurate answer about this type of national betting in this king sport.
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General introduction to Asian handicap

Asian soccer betting is a very basic form of betting on the king sport that any bookmaker has. This type of bet is used to predict the winning team but will be based on the handicap given. These ratios have the effect of creating balance in the probability of winning between teams with different strengths.

Currently, this type of bet is also known by names such as handicap bet, handicap bet, etc. This is also one of the most popular options for many bettors besides over/under or 1×2.

Operating regulations of Asian handicap

Basically, handicap betting also has some similarities with European betting when players will predict the team to win the final match. But in this form, you will still need to rely on the handicap given.

To win the handicap, the team you choose needs to have a number of goals plus (if the underdog team) or minus (if the underdog team) that ratio is higher than the actual number of goals scored by the opponent. With the probability of winning in this form being maximally balanced, the payout ratio for any bet will be within the range of 1 to 1.

Popular Asian Handicap odds

When playing Asian football odds, you may encounter some of the following common odds:

Ball odds

This is the handicap ratio that will appear in matches that the bookmaker evaluates as not having a significant difference. To win a football bet, you just need to correctly predict the actual winner of the match. If a draw occurs, you will tie the bet and your bet will be refunded.

Handicap 1/4

The Asian Handicap at a rate of 1/4 or 0.25 is a handicap that is one-half higher than the ball handicap and is given in matches with certain differences. With this rate, you will also win if you bet correctly on the winning team. If a draw occurs, you will lose half your money if you choose the upper team and win 50% when betting on the lower team.

Half-left handicap

Left half or 0.5 is the handicap ratio that is always chosen by many bettors every time it appears on the odds table. With this handicap, the upper team has only one chance to win the bet and that is to win. With the remaining scores, the team with the ball handicap will be the winner of the bet.

Handicap 3/4

With Asian handicap odds of 3/4, the upper team can only win enough money if they defeat their opponent by 2 goals or more. In case of a minimum win, the person who chooses this team still gets 50% profit. With a draw or a win for the underdog team, this team will win the bet.

How to calculate bets when playing handicap bets

When playing Asian handicap, you can fall into the cases of full win, half win, half loss or full loss. If you win enough money, you just need to multiply the capital amount by the payout coefficient to know the amount of money you get. If you win half, you will take that profit and divide it in two. In case you lose half, you will lose 50% of the amount you bet on that bet. If you lose enough, of course you will lose all the money you spent.
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Example 1: You place an Asian handicap bet on team A handicapping team B by 0.5 with a payout coefficient of 0.95 and an amount of 100 thousand VND. If team A wins the match with any score, you will win the bet and earn a profit of 100 thousand x 0.95 = 95 thousand. If team A draws or loses, you will lose all 100,000 VND.

Example 2: The match between teams A and B has a handicap of 0.25 and team A is rated higher. The payout coefficients for the two teams are 0.90 and 1.00 respectively. If you bet 100,000 on the Asian handicap for this match, the way to calculate the bet in specific cases is:

  • If team A wins the match, the person who chooses team A wins 100 thousand x 0.90 = 90 thousand, the person who chooses team B loses 100 thousand.
  • If team B wins the match, the person who chooses team B wins 100 thousand x 1.00 = 100 thousand, the person who chooses team A loses 100 thousand.
  • If the two teams tie, the person who chooses team A loses 50%, equivalent to 50 thousand, the person who chooses team B wins half the money, i.e. 100 thousand/2 = 50 thousand.

Experience winning in Asian handicaps

Although Asian football odds are not too complicated to play, if you want to get the most accurate judgments, you will need to be equipped with some of the following experience:

Bet according to competitive dynamics

Asian handicap players should not just rely on the handicap and determine which team has a higher chance of winning. New competitive motivation is the factor that drives the players’ performance on the field. 

Accordingly, if you notice that one of the two teams has a specific goal while the other team has given up or soon completed the set target, you should trust the first team regardless of whether that team has a handicap or is handicapped. In case both teams have clear goals or enter the game with a procedural mentality, you should bet on the higher rated team.

Analyze over/under odds

If you can combine the Asian handicap with the over/under odds, you can determine whether the underdog team is likely to score or not. Specifically, if the ball handicap is not too much lower than the Over/Under bet, it shows that the probability of the underdog scoring is not high. In this case, please choose the team above

On the contrary, if the goal percentage in the match is significantly higher than the handicap, you should choose the underdog team. The reason is because the bookmaker evaluates the chances of the underdog team scoring a goal to be relatively clear.

Why should you play Asian handicap at New88?

In the fiercely competitive soccer betting market today, New88 is still the top choice of many bettors thanks to the following advantages:

The joining process is simple

To participate in Asian handicap betting as well as other forms at New88, players just need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the New88 homepage via the official link
  • Step 2: Register an account and fill in the required information
  • Step 3: Link your bank account and deposit money into your account
  • Step 4: Select the Sports betting lobby, choose your favorite match and start betting

Diverse promotions

Whether you are a new player joining Asian handicapping or a loyal customer, New88 will provide you with attractive incentive programs that are suitable for you. These are attractive opportunities that help you increase your bonuses as well as bring home other valuable gifts.

Enthusiastic customer care

Besides attractive promotions, customer service services at New88 are also always highly appreciated. If you have difficulties or problems that need to be answered at any time, you will receive enthusiastic support from the dealer and give the most accurate answer.


Asian handicap at New88 has been introduced in detail through the above article. Quickly register an account and participate in betting on dramatic matches with the opportunity to win valuable victories.

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