All you need to know while pursuing a probate lawsuit in San Antonio

Dealing with the demise of a loved one is harsh and painstaking. To pursue probate during such hard times is not an easy task for many. This is when the probate attorneys San Antonio is of help. In most probate cases there is a dispute or disagreement within the family members which needs immediate redressal and solution.
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Understanding the types of assets of the deceased person

When a loved one has passed away, they can have both probate and non-probate assets. An experienced attorney can help the family members of the deceased to understand this classification and take them through easy legal procedures.

Probate assets include all the assets of the deceased which he/she owned directly. This can range from property, to house, motor vehicles, stocks, etc.
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It is a usual thing to see family members fight over such probate assets.

Non-probate assets include those assets which already have a nominee. Some common examples are life insurance, bank accounts, investment accounts, etc. The chances of dispute for non-probate assets are less since the beneficiary is already assigned by the deceased.
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Importance of a will in probate lawsuit

Probates can again be classified into probates with will and without will. 

A will is a legal document that was prepared by the deceased with the help of skilled attorneys. In a will, it is clearly mentioned who gets what and how much. This way, the probate process becomes easier and hassle-free. 

On the other hand, probate without a will is more time taking and can involve long proceedings. No-will probate can take years for complete resolution. Here, the court will have to intervene in all the decision-making.

The common mistake that most people make while hustling to make money is not to draft an estate plan or will while they are alive. The power and convenience of an estate plan or will can only be realized once the probate process starts. If a will is an underlying document in the probate lawsuit then the whole process becomes stress-free.

One of the biggest advantages of an estate plan is the protection you can give your kids and other family members if something unfortunate is to happen at a young age. 

So don’t stay dormant while you are alive, do all the necessary steps to ensure the safety of your loved ones even when you are no more to assist them through.

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