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Chat API (Application Programming Interface) and SDK (Software Development Kit) are necessary tools that help in building and developing a messaging solution for any business’s website or mobile app. 

Applozic is a chat SDK platform that helps you build chat solutions for your business on the website and mobile apps. With Applozic’s open-source web and in-app chat SDK, you can customize and develop your messaging service in a matter of a few hours.  

How Can You Use Applozic’s Chat Solution? 

Once you create and install your chat solution using messaging SDK, you can start real-time conversations with customers or can create groups to discuss ongoing projects with members from different teams and departments in your company.  

By delivering such services, Applozic creates a one-stop destination for all your communications to take place.  

Features of Applozic  

1. Chat Solutions 

Applozic offers top-notch chat SDK and UI tool kits for iOS, Android, NativeScript, web applications, and a whole lot more. These pre-built kits are bug-free, allowing developers to edit and customize the chat service to the company’s needs without too much trouble.  

You can seamlessly integrate messaging service features that allow users to start a conversation, send attachments, create groups, and receive real-time updates. Admins and owners also have access to public and private groups to monitor and track the system.  

Applozic is also very versatile. The messaging system supports and recognizes international languages, enabling businesses and teams from all over the world to utilize and reap the benefits of the chat SDK. You can also integrate the UI tool kits into various other platforms.  

Other features also include:

  • Context-Based Chat: Allows users to talk about different contexts in separate chat windows.  
  • Cross-App Chat: Creates a single communication medium for users using two different apps. 
  • SMS/Email Fallback: This sets Applozic apart from all the regular chat solutions as the messaging SDK can send message notifications to offline users as a fallback.  

2. Video and Voice Messaging  

WhatsApp witnessed a whopping 1.4 billion voice and video calls on New Year’s Eve 2020, showing the transcend of voice and video messaging apart from regular chatting.  

Applozic understood the importance of face-to-face communication and incorporated video and voice chat SDK to make the messaging and communication system whole.  

Using the API and SDK, you can deliver high-quality video and high-clarity audio to all users. Voice and video communication streams allow you to get in touch with your customers at a more personal level.  

3. Data Protection 

Data security and protection are of utmost importance in the modern internet and data-driven world. Applozic adheres to all rules and regulations of privacy policies and protects your customer’s data through advanced protection protocols.  

With the help of Amazon’s AWS, which can be learned from the AWS Certification, Applozic provides physical and network security to data from all sorts of threats and malware malware.   

Applications of Applozic’s Chat SDK 

Here are a few of the many sectors that use the Applozic open-source chat SDK.  

1. Marketplaces 

Utilizing Applozic’s chat SDK, business owners and e-commerce brands can increase engagement rates, provide faster communications, and convert leads into sales. Businesses can personalize the customer experience by reaching out to them on a more personal level using voice and video conversations. 

2. Education  

Due to the pandemic and lockdowns, the education industry has made a major shift by moving to online platforms. Applozic’s voice and video chat SDK simplifies online teaching by providing a safe and secure means of communication between teachers and students. Teachers can also monitor students, send important messages, and conduct tests in real time.

3. Healthcare 

Again due to major viral diseases spreading around us, online and constant communication between doctors and patients has become vital. By using chat-based and voice and video-based messaging systems, patients can connect with doctors from the comfort of their home without endangering themselves or the people around them.  

4. Bot-Human Interaction 

Applozic’s chat app SDK can also be used for the interaction between humans and bots. Businesses can integrate chatbots into the messaging system to provide 24/7 support to all customers. 


Applozic has made huge strides since its implementation by providing secure and instant messaging facilities to users from various industries.  

Currently, 1500+ businesses, 10,000+ developers, and 20,000+ apps have utilized Applozic’s chat SDK to create a smooth communication channel between all users. This has helped many companies increase their engagement rates and generate more leads.  

Grow your business with the APIs and SDKs from Applozic.  

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