At fault and no-fault divorce – All you need to know before filing a divorce in Tacoma.

There are many situations in life where we feel lost but at the same time surrounded by myriad opinions. Such situations demand extreme willpower and sheer dedication to your goal in order to come out of it successfully. 

An example of such a situation in life is pursuing a long and tedious divorce. Even when two people get into holy matrimony by abiding by all legal formalities, the couples never have agreed on a lifetime commitment under any circumstances.
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There could be situations where a couple will have to fall apart due to faults committed by a spouse or because of other emotional reasons.

So while filing a divorce in Tacoma, you should understand the difference between a fault and no-fault divorce. Also, it is important to identify whether your case is a fault or a no-fault one.
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A Tacoma Divorce Attorney should be consulted before you file a divorce to discuss in detail your particular case. Divorce attorneys can help you figure out the nature of your case and will be able to guide you with sheer confidence throughout the divorce process.

Aspects of a Fault Divorce

  • In this type of divorce, a spouse files a case against the counterpart accusing them of being the reason for the broken marriage.
  • There are certain grounds for a fault divorce to be in effect. A spouse should accuse the other one of any of the below-mentioned crimes to be able to file a fault divorce.
  • Adultery, impotence, cruel treatment or abuse, substance abuse, incarceration, etc.
  • In cases of fault divorce, the petitioner should be able to furnish ample evidence to prove the accused guilty. An able divorce attorney can help you in this matter.

Aspects of No-fault divorce

  • A no-fault divorce involves a petitioner who files a divorce with the spouse on the grounds of mental and emotional incompatibility.
  • The possible grounds for a no-fault divorce are not based on any crimes committed by either of the spouses, but the incompatibility again.
  • A partner living away willfully for more than a year can be a reason for a no-fault divorce.
  • In some states, a certain period of separation lasting up to two years is required to file a no-fault divorce. 
  • This type of divorce is much easier, faster, and way more stress-free to handle than an at-fault divorce.

These are the major differences between a fault and no-fault divorce. Irrespective of the type of divorce, you will need a most experienced attorney to take care of the procedures and win the case on your behalf before the court. 

So, be wise in choosing the best divorce lawyer in Tacoma. 

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