Limit Alcohol Consumption


You have probably heard that red wine reduces the risk of heart attack, but before you go and refill that glass, let me tell you a thing or two about red wine and alcohol in general, and how they affect your cholesterol levels.


It is true: red wine has some beneficial properties due to antioxidant components, such as resveratrol. Studies have shown that, in a way, red wine can, indeed, limit the atherosclerosis process and therefore decrease the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, but experts warn that frequent consumption may increase the risk of multiple health conditions.

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Blood clotting and HDL cholesterol levels

We often hear about the bad effect that alcohol can have on our health in general, but the National Institute of Health (NIH) does not advise complete abstinence. Studies have shown that when consumed in moderation (one alcoholic drink daily for women, and two drinks for men), alcohol can decrease blood clotting and boost HDL cholesterol levels.
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If consumed more than recommended, however, alcohol will have the opposite effect.
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It is known that excessive alcohol consumption increases triglyceride levels, and LDL cholesterol, as well.
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Concluding remark

So you don’t have to be the spoil-sport on the next get together with your friends. As long as you switch to water afterward, you can still enjoy a drink or two.

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