Consulting a Las Vegas car accident lawyer: Follow these pointers

The resort city of Las Vegas is fun, happening, and eventful.
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Thousands of vehicles ply on the busy roads, and it is not very surprising that a considerable number of auto accidents are reported every month. Nevada is a tort state. If you endured injuries or suffered losses in a car accident that happened because of the other driver’s fault, you can sue them for compensation. It all typically starts with a third-party claim. Hiring a Las Vegas car accident lawyer will help you recover a fair settlement. For your help, we have enlisted a few pointers below. 

Don’t delay calling an attorney

Nevada’s statute of limitations has allowed a window of two years for victims to file civil lawsuits after a car accident. If you want to sue for vehicle or property damage alone, you have to take legal action within three years.
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In other words, you are racing against time. The statute of limitations doesn’t apply to insurance claims, and therefore, as you file a claim and fight with the claims adjuster for a settlement, the clock continues to tick.
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If you want to hire an accident lawyer, you should do so at the earliest. This also gives you enough time to gather evidence and work on your legal strategy.

Hire an accident lawyer with experience

People often assume that all lawyers are the same. You don’t need a random lawyer, but someone who specializes in personal injury law and regularly works on car accident claims and lawsuits in their practice. Don’t step back from asking questions about an attorney’s body of work. You can also ask them about their top settlements and cases and seek client references. echo

Don’t pay right away

You don’t have to pay an accident lawyer immediately after hiring them. PI lawyers usually charge a contingency fee, which is a part of the recovery. In simpler words, if you don’t win the car accident case, the lawyer cannot get a fee. If an accident lawyer asks for a fee right away, you have reasons to look for alternatives. The contingency fee may vary between local law firms in Vegas, but ideally, you shouldn’t have to pay more than 40% of your settlement. 

With years of experience, accident lawyers can help you negotiate better and maximize your settlement. They also know what it takes to investigate a car accident and gather evidence for your case.   

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