Factors to consider when choosing an air conditioner

What factors do you take into account when purchasing an air conditioner? Do you consider the pros and cons only? Ideally, one must consider the pros, cons, performance, and several other factors. As a conscious buyer, you must consider all relevant and critical factors before making a purchasing contract.

Air conditioners serve to regulate the temperatures in a given setup. As a protocol, when purchasing any other product, you have to check all the vital components of an air conditioner before making a purchase.
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Herein, I’ll highlight the factors you need to consider before buying an air conditioner.


Air conditioners serve to regulate temperatures in rooms of various sizes. An ideal air conditioner should match the room size you desire and provide cooling. The number of occupants in your room will also significantly impact the size of the air conditioner you purchase. For instance, an air conditioner at a lecture hall will have a larger capacity due to the high number of students.


The efficiency of an air conditioner is usually labeled in terms of stars. The higher the star rating, the more efficient the air conditioner is—effectiveness matters. The air conditioner must use the minimum amount of resources possible to work. Based on the 24000 btu air conditioner price Kenya, it will be very annoying to get an inefficient air conditioner.

The quality of air produced.

What is the quality of the air in your room? Does it have allergenic particles like smoke and dust? When you buy an air conditioner, get one that has filters to trap dust particles and any other particles that the room may predispose you to.
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Additionally, get an air conditioner that is best for humidifying the air in your room to ensure comfort.


How long does it take for the air conditioner to cool the temperature in your room? How fast is the thermostat? Is the thermostat adjustable or fixed? Ideally, an adjustable thermostat will help adjust the cooling limit to your desired one.


Price is the most crucial factor before making a purchasing agreement. You may consider all the other elements when you pass the budget test. Check whether the air conditioner price will cover after-sale services like installation. Remember that an air conditioner has to be installed by an expert.

Maintenance cost

Technically, an air conditioner is a liability since you won’t gain monetary value from it unless you use it for rental purposes. Therefore, the maintenance cost should be the lowest possible to not interfere with other essential bills. How much attention does your air conditioner need? Proper installation will impact the performance and maintenance cost of the air conditioner.
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Deciding on the right air conditioner may be a hassle if you do not have prior knowledge. Note that a wrong decision will mess up your budget and ego. Therefore, this article is a good reference for considering critical factors before buying an air conditioner. To learn much about the air conditioner, surf the net or visit any manufacturing center.

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