8 Ways You Can Get Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Certified Six Sigma Black Belts and those who have received Six Sigma Black Belt training are in great demand all around the world because of their vast knowledge of Six Sigma methodologies and ideas, as well as their ability to use that knowledge to improve corporate operations and competitiveness. Six Sigma certification is much more than simply getting certified with six tools; it is also about understanding how to effectively use those tools to better your job. If you are unable to put the tools to good use, the qualification is of no value to you at all.

1. Henry Harvin Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Course

Through video material, the courses they’ve created teach you how to improve your skills and perfect your organising abilities. 21 well-produced and entertaining video modules will teach you all you need to know in order to get your Lean Six Sigma belt. Find out if this is the correct curriculum for your professional needs by using a comprehensive e-learning system. After finishing the course, you will be eligible for certification.
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2. Benchmark Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

The first Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training in India was offered by Benchmark. Motorola University in the United States offered the only other programme in India. Every year, the programme is re-evaluated and updated. More than 40000 business excellence experts have been taught, and the company is currently ranked among the top three in the globe.

3. Varsigma | Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Lean Six Sigma certifications include the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. This Six Sigma Green Belt training and certification validates your ability to launch and manage improvement initiatives.
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As part of a six-sigma black belt training programme, you’ll learn how to address business problems and enhance processes. Green belt training helps individuals realise their competency and eliminate their difficulties/issues in a rational and objective manner. In addition to improving their daily work and strategy, individuals who have completed the training will be better equipped to contribute to an organization-wide improvement effort.

4. Lean Six Sigma Corporation

Sprintzeal will teach you how to successfully implement and run Lean Six Sigma projects, how to perform Six Sigma analysis, and how to employ DMAIC approaches. Because this programme is fully online, you may do it at your own pace while earning your certification.

5. MSI Certified Six Sigma

An online certificate programme from MSI (the Management and Strategy Institute) is accessible to students who want to advance their understanding of business-related topics. In the topic of six sigma certification, there are several organisations that provide a diverse variety of certificates to meet the demands of experts in the sector.

MSI is widely regarded as a market leader in the field of professional certification. Affiliation with the Better Business Bureau and recognition from industry-leading organisations. Their certification examinations, which are created by industry professionals, are intended to examine your core understanding of the subject area under consideration.

6. Expertrating Six Sigma

Obtain your Six Sigma Black Belt certification with the Expertrating Six Sigma Black Belt curriculum. This is a well-researched online course that has been created for anyone who want to learn the science of Six Sigma and become proficient in it.
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7. iCert Global Six Sigma

For six sigma certifications, this is one of the few organisations that offers both classroom sessions and instructor-led online courses in different locations around the country. iCert Global educates students in the rigorous Six Sigma procedures and statistical analysis that have made the credential a sought-after one.

The iCert Global Six Sigma Yellow Belt programme is the first phase in the certification process and is available in English and Spanish. Make a determination as to whether or not attending beginner-level courses will aid your professional development. It is not essential by many companies that deliver Six Sigma open training in-house that participants utilise iCert Global and pink for the duration of the whole mastery course.

8. Online Six Sigma Certification Institute

The CSSBB exam is a multiple-choice online examination that you may take from the comfort of your own laptop, from any location in the globe. In order to pass the exam, you must answer all 50 questions within the allotted time of one hour. You must score at least 60% of the questions correctly in order to pass the exam. 98.5 percent of students pass the exam.

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