Role Of Teaching Aids In Today’s Era Of Online Classes

Is it even an online class if it is devoid of teaching aids? Yes, education in the digital age has become dependent on teaching aids. But, wait! What do teaching aids actually imply? The “teaching aids” are the tools or equipment that are used by a teacher to teach the students and explain the concepts effectively.

Teaching aids can be of various types.
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These may be newspaper articles, graphical books, visuals, presentations, videos, and much more. Education via an online live classes app is really fruitful, but students often tend to get distracted at the time of lesson explanations. Consequently, they miss out on multiple vital lessons. That’s where the importance of teaching aids comes in! In today’s interesting blog post, we will be discussing the role of teaching aids in facilitating the online teaching and learning process.

Let’s dive into the necessity as well as the benefits of teaching aids.

Necessity Of Teaching Aids

  • To help build up the students’ comprehension skills and make the lessons enjoyable, teaching aids have become an integral part of the present-day education system.
  • Sensory engagement and stimulation in the students can be made possible by applying various kinds of teaching equipment.
  • It is very common for the students to forget some parts of the verbal explanations. But, if the same topic is explained by making use of Powerpoint presentations, charts, videos, or smart class modules, the basic concepts of the topic will stay inscribed in their minds. Maps, illustrations, and pictures form very important visual teaching aids.
  • Teaching aids fascinate the students towards learning the concepts taught in the online class and make the classes highly engaging and exciting. Using these tools also reduces the apprehension and anxiety they might feel at the beginning of any new chapter.
  • The fact that both visual and audio teaching aids make the concepts appear lucid and easily understandable is what makes the teaching process highly successful.
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Teaching aids are broadly divided into several categories. Let’s have a look at these!

Classification Of Teaching Aids

  • Electronic or Digital Teaching Aids

This category of teaching aids includes mobiles, laptops, PowerPoint presentations, virtual reality goggles, and online study materials.

  • Visual Teaching Aids

This kind of teaching aid implies those tools and equipment that help the students understand concepts by keeping in mind the graphic visuals and pictures related to the lessons taught in the class. The examples include study modules via SmartClass projector, presentations, slides, relevant pictures, maps, etc.

  • Auditory Teaching Aids

Any kind of teaching aid that makes the students remember and understand concepts by listening with rapt attention falls under this category. For example, these include CD players, tape recorders, music (to help the mind concentrate more), radio, etc.

  • Audio-Visual Teaching Aids

As we all know, audio-visual implies equipment or tools that contain visuals or images with accompanying music or dialogues. Making the students watch lesson-related videos, any motivational video or movies based on literature, history, etc., will encourage them to delve deep into those lessons, and this will ultimately result in a better learning process. Examples of AV teaching aids include YouTube videos, documentaries, movies, video songs, etc.

Role of Teaching Aids In Enhancing Online Education System

  • Teaching aids help the students get a clear concept of the lessons taught via the online live classes app and stay confusion-free.
  • Online classes become interactive and encouraging with the use of appropriate teaching aids. No kind of boredom anymore! Classes will become all the more fun-filled if the teachers make a proper selection of the teaching aids.
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  • The vocabulary and additional knowledge of the students get further strengthened with the use of proper teaching tools.
  • The pupils’ overall performance gets better if proper videos and visuals are shown to them at the time of teaching. Grades increase, and they get drawn to learning the texts.
  • Students get motivated to work harder and naturally get inclined to allot a significant number of hours into studying, thus receiving remarkable results that will further help them secure seats in their dream educational institution for their higher studies.


The role of teaching aids is mani-fold, you see?

If you want to give the young minds an enriching, insightful experience into any topic, make sure you have garnered enough teaching aids to substantiate the verbal explanations.

Arm yourself with the required teaching aids and excel further in your teaching career.

Good Luck!

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