Take care of your brakes, change them ASAP!

You can’t have a car without brakes. Heck! You can’t even have a bicycle without brakes.

Without brakes, no car can be driven and that’s how important this mechanical device is.

It is imperative that every car owner makes sure that their brakes are working well. As a rule of thumb, it is essential to change the brake pads every 50,000 miles, however, every car varies from each other. Whether it is the purpose of the vehicle or how they are being used, there are various signs that may indicate that you need to change the brakes. But, if you are looking for a car with the best braking system, then is the car with the best Braking system.

Never ignore the squeaking or squealing from brakes

One of the first signs of eroded brake pads or your brakes are about to fail is when you hear a squealing or squeaking voice. Though squeaky brakes are common in some weather conditions if the noise persists for a longer time then it’s high time you need to get those brakes checked.

The condition usually arises when the brake pads on the brake paddle have worn off and reveal the metal background on which it is attached. Resulting in the metal bar to brush against the rotor that causes a lot of damage.

A Deep Grinding Metal Sound

Some brake pads are equipped with small metal ridges that make noise when the brake pads have worn off. These metal ridges are kind of indicators to alert the driver. If not paid enough heed, then the metal ridges might create much more damage that will leave you with a long bill. If you get such a bill then you are repairing way beyond just brake pads.

Vibrating Brake Pedal 

If you’re applying the brakes and the brake pedal vibrates then chances are that your brake pads have worn out. In such situations, it becomes extremely difficult to control the car and stopping becomes a challenge.

Brake Pedal gets floored!

Sometimes if you foot the brake pedal it gets floored when the car ignition is on. This happens due to two reasons. One, the abs is not working or properly and two, one of the braking fluid is leaking.

If you find yourself with the second scenario, then it is easily fixable. But if it is the ABS unit that needs fixation, then prepare to shell out some cash for the unit does cost quite a sum.

Special Emphasis on Anti-Lock Braking system

Because the Anti-braking system is an expansive and complex unit, most car owners decide to do away with the ABS when done fixing the brakes. This is because it’s not easy to fix the ABS system. There is a proper computerized system in the ABS that is analyzing the car and the wheels all the time, making sure that all four wheels have the same speed when about to halt or making a turn. So, when this system breaks you have to have a further complicated computer, for example, the Launch X1300.

The reason why owners like to do away with the ABS is that it is a failproof system. This means, if the car ever shows you ABS malfunction sign, then the car returns to its non-abs state. The brakes will work fine but it will not have the ABS qualities, so the chances of sliding are more and getting into an accident, unavoidable.

The A1/4 inch thick rule

The best way to make sure that your brakes still have life in them is by simply taking a look at them. Most cars nowadays are fitted with alloy wheels and to open those covers, all you need is a jack.

In some cases, you are unable to open so, without professional help, you can also see through the alloy case and observe the brake pads. It is important to note that the pads must be ¼ inch thick.  If the brakes appear anything less than ¼ inches, then it’s high time you should change the brakes.

Taking care of your brakes should be your priority and you should never take your brakes for granted. Most cars get into accidents because they didn’t brake enough to stop the car. Brakes are so important to a car, it is showcased with pride in some of the most expensive models.

In today’s time, brakes have become sophisticated and at the same time lighter too. Carbon-ceramic brakes are a state-of-the-art mechanical marvel and they are quite potent stoppers too. It’s because brakes enjoy such importance in a car is the reason why you should be careful too. Take care of your brakes and save lives.

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