Things to Consider When Choosing a Hand Held Lawn Mower

Hand held lawn mowers are the ideal machines for keeping your lawn neat. It enables one cut grass in bushes, flower beds and trees easily. Your choice on the lawn mower should not be entirely based on price or budget. Here are some helpful things to look for when choosing a new lawn mower for your use.

The existence of machines such as hand held mowers has become essential to any homeowner. There are different categories of lawn mower machines, either hand-propelled or power-driven machines used for cutting grass. The existence of these machines is resulting to easier and simple grass maintenance work. This is because all the grass is able to be cleared regardless of the place.

Below are some important features to consider when purchasing a lawn mower;


With different types of handheld lawn mowers, one should choose the machine depending with the type of performance required. The small scale work requires a specific lawn mowerdifferent from those of large scale ground.
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This knowledge enables you to save energy, time and results to quality work. It also helps one to avoid purchasing an unnecessary machine and saves cost.


A gas or electric option is ideal for heavy-duty projects and provides exceptional versatility. Availability and durability of the source matters too. Hand held lawn mower price in Kenya is more expensive for gas machines. Depending with the purpose and size of the lawn you can make a decision on which source to use.


This hand held lawn mower you will be riding it around for some time in years, therefore it is supposed to be a comfortable act. The height should be set right matching the users’ length to avoid straining. The handles of the machine and the seats are important features to consider when choosing one.


There exist different brands of hand held mowers. The quality of the material used is very important .The higher the quality,the long lasting it becomes. However in some cases it depends how one uses and maintains the machine. Low quality products are good for short term project.


When choosing a lawn mower ensure their safety is guaranteed. The machine should be equipped with either a blade-shutoff switch, dead man control or a rope start. Maintenance should be done regularly for the proper functioning. Severe accidents and malfunctions can be avoided by doing this.

Easy to operate

No one likes to fumble with machines while performing a job or projects. These hand held lawn mowers are easy to learn and use to any literate individual. Instruction manuals are usually attached to the machines. Therefore incase of any difficulty you can simply know what to do.


Actually, keen consideration when choosing the perfect machine for your lawn can save one a big time .All the machine can do the work well but much better if you choose the perfect machine to fit your purpose. Correct decisions are productive and make work easier for the better.

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