Concrete Repair Process – Steps to Learn Everything You Need

Concrete is a complex composite material with a capillary-porous structure, operating under high mechanical, climatic, and chemical loads. Due to these characteristics, artificial stone is prone to corrosion, deformation, shrinkage, and destruction. Modern repair technologies make it possible to restore almost any degree of destruction, ensuring the quality and durability of concrete structures.

Indeed, if defects appear in the concrete, repairs should be started as soon as possible. Because there is no static damage in concrete, the destruction process does not stop by itself.
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Repair of concrete structures is a responsible and complex process. The purpose of such work can be different; that’s why you need to hire professionals. Concrete Repairs Oahu is a leading service that allows them to carry out repairs as efficiently as possible.

Elementary Work to Start Concrete Repair Process:

Before starting the repair, you need to carry out preliminary work. The following stages of repair work are distinguished:

  • Damage assessment
  • Identifying the causes of defects
  • Renovation planning
  • Choice of technology
  • Selection of repair compounds
  • Carrying out repairs
  • Quality control
  • Determining the timing of further control

The surface is prepared before laying the repair material: it is cleaned of old concrete, which does not hold firmly. If the reinforcement is exposed, it is cleaned of corrosion and rust and treated with a protective compound. Further work is carried out in accordance with building standards.

Essentiality of Appropriate Mix for Concrete Repair:

A correctly selected mix for concrete repair is one of the essential components of a quality result. Modern materials (additives) make it possible to give the concrete structure the characteristics that are required. Among the most common requirements are plasticity, compressive strength, moisture resistance, frost resistance, resistance to other external influences.

In fact, the method of carrying out repair work depends on the type and extent of the damage. The Concrete Repairs Oahu Company has specialists and all the necessary tools for the repair work to be economically profitable, completed in the shortest possible time, and guaranteed high-quality results.

How to Repair Significant Defects of Concrete Structure?

If significant damage has formed on the surface, the base is poured with new concrete. Initially, the damaged area is cleaned to sound concrete, and then the repair is carried out. Most often, solutions are attracted based on high-strength types of cement with complex additives or particular fast-hardening types of cement, polymer mortars, fiber concrete.

In this case, it is vital to ensure high adhesion between the main structure and the repaired area. For this, unique methods are used to strengthen the bond between old and new concrete. Ordinary heavy concrete is used for full or partial repair of structures, pouring solid reinforced concrete jackets, applying repair layers with a thickness of more than 10 cm.

The area, which is subject to new concreting, must be buried and have sufficient thickness. Best results are obtained with steel mesh reinforcement. The material is shot to the base with dowels or firmly fixed in other ways. Old concrete is cleaned and washed. It is required to expose the aggregate grains, to obtain a rough surface. In several situations, an additional layer is used that works for adhesion.

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Final Thought:

Do not use ordinary cement mortar to repair concrete. Unique formulations can provide good adhesion between existing concrete and new material.
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Repair compounds are based on epoxy resins, cement, and polyurethane. When choosing a repair composition, you need to pay attention to the following indicators: the degree of adhesion to concrete, shrinkage during solidification, water resistance, and vapor permeability.
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