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Ever been frustrated with how slow everything on the internet loads? It is extremely crucial and mandatory that the work performed in the digital world is of optimal speed and standard. With the development of technology and digitisation, the world has not only become closer, but has also become much faster and convenient.

You can now do your shopping, ordering food, banking, studying, working, and all such things at the comfort of your very own fingertips. All you got to do is install a simple app that serves the purpose on your smart device and get going. Indeed, life has become much simpler. However, this does mean we require an enormous level of speed and standard to perform our daily chores on a daily basis.

Puffin Web Browser, brought to you by CloudMosa Inc for all android users will take away the hassle of your slow web engine! All you got to do is download it for free and try out the free evaluation and enjoy its features with a paid subscription for just an affordable amount! The features on the app will blow your mind and indeed serve its true purpose.
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Features of Puffin Web Browser

Puffin Web Browser is wicked fast and loads all of the websites, including the most demanding ones at super high speeds. So, you might be in the middle of an extremely important assignment, or work, or even a random search in the middle of the day, no matter what it may be, Puffin Web Browser will save you time, hassle, and worry. It is also cloud protected with end-to-end encryption,

So, you know all of your internet traffic is absolutely safe and protected. You can now safely use all unprotected and unknown Wi-Fi services with no worries. And that’s not it! It also uses an algorithm that is proprietary compressed so when transmitting data to your very own device, it provides the ability to save up to almost 90% of bandwidth.

This is much more advantageous than your regular browsing and will indeed save up an enormous amount of data for you.
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Puffin Web Browser can be identified as the fastest JavaScript engine out there with ad blockers, virtual trackpads, theatre modes to make all your flash videos and video games much more exciting, adobe flash supports and many more features that makes Puffin the greatest Web Browser out there.

All of these features can be tested with the trial offered to you for absolutely free. Get searching with Puffin Web Browser and enjoy all of its amazing features and speeds. You can be guaranteed to be satisfied with the best. Save your time and worries with Puffin Web Browser, the greatest for you out there.

Install Web Browser on Android TV

Most web browsers available for Android TV and Fire TV does not work perfectly with TV remote. Puffin browser was developed for TV users to browse web using TV remote easily. You can download this Android TV web browser application from AppLinked, FileSynced or using Aptoide TV. Choose your favourite Android TV app store for that.

Here I am using AppLinked. First download and install latest version of AppLinked on your TV box. Then find AppLinked code for Puffin Browser. Use that AppLinked code to access AppLinked store. Click and install this web browser for free using AppLinked.

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