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What is now established is that a smartphone enables its users to perform their daily functions most conveniently, most efficiently and most effectively, making a smartphone a mandatory device to people of this world. Such an important device has to be taken care in the best way possible. To take care of your smartphone at its best is the Easy Clean Lite – Speed Cleaner & Phone Boost App. Here’s some of its main features and modes made easy to be used by all.

Speed Cleaner Apps main purpose would be to keep the smartphone’s main efficiency of making it work at acceptable speed, maintaining storage space and memory in usage thereby extending the max convenience to the users taking load of worries away.

Features of Easy Clean Lite

What more? All of its features are made to work with just one tap. Speed Cleaner App is one of a kind as it stands out to be the lightest smartphone Cleaner Booster App amongst all. All its functions are auto, made to work with just a tap.

Junk files Cleaner- Many files are created in a smartphone automatically while functional. Many of these are not used and wanted by the users. Such files referred to as junk files will be deleted by the Apps junk cleaner. The important RAM holding data, will have running applications. Junk cleaner will periodically reset applications in use and close applications not in use. This will boost speed and memory of the smartphone.

Cache Cleaner- Cache also stores data. Some of these if not periodically cleaned could get corrupt and affect the performance of the smartphone. Cache Cleaner will do the needful to clean up such files.

WhatsApp Cleaner – Photos, Videos and Musical clips which are not in used will be cleaned with the user’s permission. Most times the users will not even remember of items in the gallery which are no longer referred to. App Cleaner will do the needful to remind the users of such and clean up creating storage capacity in the gallery.

What could be more disturbing and annoying than notifications that pop whilst engaging in the smartphone. Don’t worry the Notification Cleaner in the App will clean up such notifications to ensure one’s privacy is always intact.

Speed Booster feature will intelligently hibernate apps and make the one’s that start auto into standby mode. This will minimise battery drain and prolong usage.

CPU COOLER will keep providing the optimum temperature to the smartphone to avoid overheating.

Download Easy Clean Lite using AC Market App

The best and the most convenient mean of downloading Easy Clean Lite is through AC Market App Store. If your Android or Windows still lacks this amazing app store first download it. Because you may be surprised if you see its huge library of the apps and games. Everything you are looking for are there in this app store, more importantly freely. Also, now you can download AC Market Windows 11 directly on your upgraded windows.

Leave the proof made to do what it does best. Clean Lite – Speed Cleaner & Phone Boost App will take care of your smartphone. So, get on with your life knowing that your best accessory Pal, your smartphone is well taken care of to give you trouble free usage day after day.

If you are interested in knowing similar apps here are some: Phone Master, CCleaner, Nox Cleaner, Clean Master App and so forth.

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