Features to Look for When Purchasing Pressure Washer Machines

Pressure washer machines have made performing different activities more manageable. These machines use water on high-pressure to remove; mud, dust, mold, and loose paints, among others. You may be wondering what to look for when purchasing pressure machines. In this article, I will be discussing the features one should look for in these machines when purchasing.

Technology has made most activities easier. The development of machines such as pressure washers has come in handy.
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This machine can perform multiple tasks such as washing cars, outside furniture, boats, grills, motorbikes, fences, wood decks and driveways. There are different types of machines with various features, and one should research before purchasing. These features include;


portability is a significant feature to look for in these machines. Can it be stored easily, and can you move around with it efficiently? The easier you can wheel it, the better because when performing most activities, you need to move around the object so that you can be able to clean it perfectly. For example,cleaning large areas such as driveways and buildings when cleaning along fences.


Checking the machine’s warranty is important because you may find that some devices have short ones while others have extended warranties. Currently, there are many types of securities. Some are extended warranties, but they do not cover some machine parts. The short warranties may or may not cover the whole machine.
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Please go through the manual and the warranty descriptions first.

Electric and gas pressure washers

They both have different pressures. The speed and the strength are the significant difference between the two. The gas pressure washers are very loud, but they produce more power. It outputs more pressure that you can use to clean large areas such as homes, driveways, and decks. Electric pressure washers have less noise, and power is low. Pressure washer price in Kenya is higher for gas machines.

Power type of the machine

There are two power types in most machines, but others have three. There are gallons per minute and pounds per square inch. Cleaning units helps one to determine which device is the best. If you do not find the cleaning unit on the machine, you can figure it out by multiplying GPS and PSI. Considering this will help you know the strength of the machine.
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Water used in the machine

You will only find pressure machines that only use cold water in most instances. These machines do not have many complications as compared to hot water machines. Cold water pressure washers are portable, output more pressure, and are perfect for homeowners. Pressure washers with hot water use less soap, clean faster, and sanitize the surfaces. These machines are suitable for farm or industry use.


As much as pressure washers perform the same tasks, it is good to research and know the type of machine that fits your needs. Each device has different features that suites other peoples’ needs. Using these machines makes work easier and save time.

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