Is Your VPN Speed Frustrating? Here’s What to Do

For many years, internet users have struggled with high censorship imposed by their country on what they can do online and the lack of options when surfing the web. All these reasons and more were behind the drastic demand for VPN services in different regions. So far, many people find it a very effective tool to enhance their online experience, as the VPN statistics also show that it has become a part of every industry. However, VPN services are known for their impact on speed and how some VPN services might fail to offer a decent connection to the internet.

Our articles will give you some tips that can help you overcome the hassle of your slow VPN by walking you through the possible causes of a slow VPN service.

How to Boost Your VPN Speed?

Since there are a lot of reasons behind a slow VPN service, it might be hard to pinpoint the real cause, but we can help you to find It by discussing the main steps that may lead to identifying the exact reason behind a slow internet connection when using a VPN:

  • Connect to a different server: A VPN routes your traffic to one of its servers to encrypt your data. When you have many server options that are also well distributed, and your VPN is still struggling to provide a decent connection, it might be a sign that you need to switch to a different server. In a nutshell, there are two ways a server might affect your VPN speed: its location and the amount of traffic that goes across that server.
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    Briefly, the closest you are to a server, the better speed you’ll get.
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    However, if there’s a lot of traffic on a certain server, you’ll struggle with the speed, too. In case you find difficulty, you can also switch to the RarBG
  • Check your protocol settings: VPN services provide multiple protocol options, each with its perks and weaknesses. Generally, we recommend using the OpenVPN protocol since it doesn’t compromise any important factors; it guarantees both fast and stable connections.
  • Change your VPN provider: In case you tried everything and nothing really worked, in that case, you have to consider changing your VPN provider, and that’s because it might not be offering enough when it comes to speed and stability. We recommend choosing a VPN service with a money-back guarantee to test its speed before spending a penny. One more thing you can check to guarantee that your money won’t go to waste is to check the VPN laws in your region and whether or not it’s a good option for you.
  • Check your internet speed: Before you judge your VPN provider as being slow, it’s suggested to head off to one of the many available speed test tools on the internet, and check your internet speed, and compare the results you have with the speed results when using a VPN to see whether the VPN or your internet speed is the real problem.
  • Use Ethernet cable: No matter how fast your Wi-Fi network is, it won’t be the same as a wired Ethernet cable since the Wi-Fi network leaves some room for signal interference.

VPN services might affect your connection speed, and that’s simply because the encrypted data has a larger size.
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However, a good VPN service should not affect your connection to the degree that makes it useless or frustrating. That’s why we recommend checking a VPN speed and servers number within the money-back guarantee duration.

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