How Can I File A Claim For A Crash Caused By An Animal?

Crashes involving an animal can have serious consequences, especially for animals like deers or cows. In rural areas, drivers are most likely to encounter farm or wildlife animals. You might wonder how to file a claim for an accident caused due to an animal on the roadway. Well, there are several ways by which you can file a claim. It is best to discuss your case with a car accident lawyer Philadelphia and know ways to recover compensation.

How can I file a claim for a crash caused by an animal?

There are some steps you should take after a collision with an animal.

  1. Pull off your vehicle to the other side of the road if possible.
  2. Call for medical help to evaluate injuries.
  3. Report the situation to the police.
  4. Take pictures of the damages to your vehicle.

However, you should never try to go near the animal, as it may become aggressive due to its injuries. Remember to note the driver’s contact and insurance information if any other vehicle is involved in the accident. Once you are done with filing the report, you should consider calling an attorney to discuss your claim.

Who is liable for my damages?

In an accident involving a wild animal with a single vehicle, your insurance company will not state you are at fault for the crash. Instead, they will consider them as an unavoidable accident. In some cases, a third party could be held liable for your damages.

A driver who saves hitting an animal on the road but hits your vehicle instead is not likely to be held liable for the crash if the driver had room on the highway to avoid collision with your vehicle. For example, if the driver moved their car to the next lane even though there was enough space in their lane.

Another scenario can happen if the animal that caused the accident is domestic. The farm owner would bear the responsibility for the collision. For example, if the domestic animal was in the middle of the roadway due to the farmer’s negligence.

Options for filing a claim

  • With your own insurance

If your vehicle is involved in a collision with wildlife, the first option is to file a claim with your insurance policy. Depending on your coverage, you can file a claim under comprehensive or collision coverage for any property damage in the accident.All Movies HD Download free from here Filmy4web

  • Filing third-party claim

You can file a third-party claim when the collision occurred due to another driver’s negligence. For example, if the other driver was at fault, you can file a claim with their liability insurance to pursue compensation for damages.

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