How can I get thick hair in a month?

Hair is an important part of beauty and appearance. Nowadays, hair damage is very common among people.
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It’s not very tough to find hair treatment for men or women in the market. However, the problem lies in results.

Not all hair treatments for men and women are very trustworthy. They are expensive, but nothing guarantees thick, beautiful hair. Hair thinning can be due to various causes.
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Hair fall and thinning have almost become a part of daily life. Lifestyle and lack of concern enhance the problem more.

If you are facing any hair thinning problem, then you are in the right place to know how you can get thick and beautiful hair in only one month. However, before that, let’s take a look at the problems first.

  • What causes hair thinning or hair fall?

Hair fall or hair thinning can occur due to various reasons. From daily lifestyle to genetics, everything can take an equal part. Some major reasons for hair problems are mentioned below.

  1. The very first reason for hair problems can be pollution and UV rays. Pollution can damage the outer layer of hair severely, and UV rays also take part in it. So, it is a must to protect your hair in extremely polluted areas or under sunlight.
  2. Genetics plays a crucial role in it. Some people can genetically have beautiful and thick hair without giving any effort. It is not the case with everyone. So, they need to take extra care of their hair.
  3. The hair gets nutrition from food. Vitamin E, K can help hair to grow. It is an important part of hair treatment for men or women. Thus, lack of nutrients can be a major reason for hair loss.
  4. Chemicals are harmful to both the hair and the skin. However, it can tolerate chemical usage to a certain level.
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    Over usage of chemical and commercial products can damage our hair severely.
  • Ways to get thicker hair only in one month

There are several ways you can get thicker hair in one month. You can seek medical help or can use the remedies we are going to mention below to get thick hair without any side effects.

  1. Castor oil – Castor oil is well known for making hair thicker. You can apply castor oil daily on your scalp to see the result in one month.
  2. Eggs – Eggs are a great source of protein. They help to repair hair damage. You can use an egg mask twice a week.
  3. Yogurt – A yogurt mask twice a week can help in repairing hair damage. It gives hair nutrients to grow quickly.


These are very simple yet useful methods to get thicker hair only in one month. If you want faster results, you can try hair treatment for men or women. However, there is nothing better than herbal treatment or home remedies.

If you are facing severe hair problems or extreme hair thinning, then you should seek medical health. Delay in treatment can make the condition worse and lead to baldness. You can seek this medical health easily online these days through the best digital healthcare platforms that offer the treatment of the problem you are facing. In case of a hair loss problem, you may want to navigate to this website to reach out to the professionals offering treatment of hair loss problems along with other problems like ED, products for good beard growth, etc with complete expertise.

In the medical world, hair treatment for men or women is almost the same, unlike cosmetic treatments.

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