How to Choose Good Breeding Hens for Chickens

How to choose fighting hens To give birth to the generation of chicks with the most fighting blood is the top concern of cockmasters. For a long time, the proverb “A dog is like its father, a chicken is like its mother” has been passed down and in fact it is exactly like that. Therefore, if you want to own undefeated fighting cocks, choosing the right hen is extremely important 789 BET let’s explore.

Why is it important to know how to choose female fighting cocks?

Choosing fighting hens for breeding and How to raise fighting chickens very important in producing the most powerful generation of mechanical chicks. Because chicks often inherit more genes from their mother than from their father. Therefore, choosing fighting hens with good characteristics will help minimize the risk of chicks having poor appearance, speed, strength and fighting ability.

In addition, understanding how to choose female fighting chickens also ensures the uniformity of the chicken breed, helping to create an invincible army of fighting chickens. This suits the needs of players and helps increase the commercial value of that fighting cock breed.

Summary of effective ways to choose fighting hens

According to studies, chicks inherit up to 70% of the characteristics of hens and only about 30% come from roosters. Therefore, to get the best results when casting chickens, choosing a hen is very important. It is necessary to know how to choose good fighting hens based on appearance to find the most suitable hen to use in casting.

Choose a cock that fights blood correctly through the head

To choose a good fighting cock, cockers need to pay attention to their appearance, including the shape of the cock’s head, comb, eyes and beak. Most chicks inherit genes from their mother. That’s why choosing a good fighting hen will help the offspring have many outstanding traits in the future, so they will be suitable to participate in matches. gamechicken direct.

Red mulberry combs, especially bright red, are the criteria for choosing the next hen. The chicken comb needs to be erect, especially not tilted to any side. The eyes of good fighting hens are often very bright and clear, moving continuously. Chickens with wild or red eyes should be appreciated.

How to choose beautiful fighting hens through the neck

The experience shared by cockfighters in choosing the correct fighting hen is to hold the hen comfortably and use your other hand to stroke the chicken’s neck from below. If the chicken has seamless bones and a solid neck, it is a good hen, suitable for breeding. Fighting hens often have interconnected bones, creating strength and the chicken’s head is covered with soft feathers from head to neck.

How to choose the correct fighting hen based on breed

Cockers share their experience that, if the rooster is of good breed, then when casting the first batch, the hens in this batch should not be used for breeding. Because the hens in the first batch still carry part of the old genes of the previous breed. Therefore, the chicks laid by this hen are highly unlucky and do not completely contain the traits of the hen breed.
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Instead, the way to choose a good female fighting cock is to let the selected rooster mate with the second generation of offspring. Thus, it is most reasonable to use standard and molded hens in this litter for breeding. Avoid inbreeding, because otherwise it will create mutant chicks with a very high rate of deformities.

How to choose highly skilled hens

Fighting skill is one of the extremely important factors that cockers are looking for How to choose fighting hens for breeding. Normally, to find a standard grinding jig for breeding, you need to learn the following factors:

  • Good health, rarely gets sick and has high resistance.
  • Chicken legs must be extremely strong and large. Therefore, cockfighters need to know how See the fighting cock’s feet as shared in the previous article.
  • Fierce, courageous and aggressive personality.
  • The hen’s eyes must shine sharply and look aggressive when confronting opponents.

Hens that have given birth to many healthy chicks will be the optimal choice for breeding.

Important notes when choosing female fighting chickens as breeders

When learning how to choose a fighting hen and choosing a chicken breed, there are some important things to consider:

  • Choose hens that have good resistance, are healthy, and are less likely to get sick to ensure the genetic independence of the breed.
  • Choose hens with aggressive instincts, toughness and high fighting spirit. This will help the fighting chickens inherit their mother’s good characteristics and at the same time develop into excellent fighting chickens, bringing eye-catching cockfighting matches.
  • Choose a hen with bright, sharp eyes and a fierce look when meeting opponents. This is a sign that the hen has a good fighting personality.


How to choose fighting hens And pay attention when choosing chicken 789BET Summarized in today’s article. Hopefully with this information, cockfighters will be able to cast the best fighting cocks, bringing many victories. To learn more about effective chicken raising knowledge, don’t miss the articles that 789BET has shared.

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