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How to pick a mattress to have the feeling of sleeping in the clouds?

If a person can live to 80 years old, he spends about 26 years in bed. The bed is undoubtedly one of the most important places in the house. Determine the comfort of the bed is not the bed frame, but the mattress.

But picking a mattress is really a learning curve!

Spring mattress, latex mattress, memory foam, brown mattress, foam mattress in the end which is comfortable, which is good for the lumbar spine, which is environmentally friendly

What is the standard of a good mattress?

Therefore, how to balance, as well as the waist and legs, which are under less pressure, become an important indicator to measure a good mattress.

Several indicators to determine the comfort of the mattress: support, fit, breathability, anti-disturbance.

Support is the most important indicator, because it is related to the health of our spine.

When sleeping on the mattress, the state of the spine is important.

The ideal situation is that the spine when sleeping and standing, the same spine, showing a natural S-shaped.

Support better mattress, according to the physiological curve of the person to produce different support strength, reduce the pressure on the shoulders and hips of such a large part of the pressure, while the human body depressions such as the waist can also get the appropriate support strength.

So too soft or too hard bed is not good for the body, too soft means insufficient support, the whole body sinks, the spine is in a deformed state.Too hard bed shoulder and hip tissue is squeezed, easy to sore.

A good fit mattress brings a sense of wrapping, the body feels more comfortable.Breathability is determined by the material of the mattress, poor breathability of the mattress the more you sleep, the more stuffy, the skin can not breathe, easy to cause a variety of skin diseases.

Anti-disturbance, if you turn over the whole bed are followed by vibration, affecting the other half of sleep, anti-disturbance is poor; if you turn over, in addition to where you sleep other places are not moving, anti-disturbance is strong.

Spring mattress

Spring mattress is now the most mainstream mattress on the market. Product span, from hundreds of thousands of high-end products to hundreds of dollars of cheap products are available.

Spring mattress springs are generally divided into two kinds.

One is the most traditional connection type spring, poor interference resistance, a lie down the whole bed are moving.But the price is cheap, a thousand dollars or less spring mattress is connected spring, good elasticity, strong support, the body feels harder.

There is a more popular independent pocket spring, the spring mattress above the middle end is basically independent pocket spring.

The advantage is point stretch, individual independent support, the overall fit and body curve, effective support for all parts of the body, disperse pressure.

And strong anti-interference, turning over does not affect the other half of the sleep.

The disadvantage is that the twin mattress in a box is often under pressure in a certain place and cause local loss of elasticity, the price is also relatively high.

Now there is a five-degree zoning concept (5-Zone Sleep System), generally also using independent pocket springs, the special feature is to divide the mattress into five zones: head, shoulders back, waist, hips and legs, each zone of spring soft and hard degree is different, so more powerful and fit to support different parts of the body.

The five zones of the mattress is invented by the American lace (Restonic) brand, there is a patent guarantee, is the most reasonable way of zoning.

Restonic has stores in China, 8000 yuan to start, occasionally encounter a discount can also buy more than 6000 yuan, but see the luck.Spring mattress generally contains a support layer and comfort layer.Support layer is the layer containing the spring, which determines the support of the mattress.

comfort layer can be filled with latex, foam, memory foam and other soft materials to increase the comfort level, also determines the fit of the mattress.

The softness of the mattress is determined by both the support layer and the comfort layer.

So buy spring mattress should not only focus on the support layer, but also on the comfort layer of the filling.

High-end mattresses such as SweetNight, Sealy, Kinko’s, Shunda these international brands are spring + latex form; (where Shunda is the use of one-piece spring, mind the friends to pay attention to)

Simmons is more special, his mattress is spring + high woven cotton layer, high woven cotton layer of better breathability, lie on and latex difference

Another point is that the spring mattress is generally the softer the more expensive, because the soft mattress requires a soft spring, while the support can not be reduced, the technical difficulty is much higher, so the price is also expensive.

110,000 mattresses and 10,000 mattresses, lying on the most intuitive feeling is the difference in softness. I may be more brown, it is said that the real princess to sleep out of the pea that was pressed under the 20 layer mattress.

Another performance of high-end mattress is soft but not collapse, hard but not stiff, whether it is soft or hard, support and fit are in the range of health and comfort.

Latex mattress

Nowadays, latex mattress size chart are divided into two types: natural latex and synthetic latex.

In fact, there is no pure natural latex.

The latex content of natural latex mattress is about 85%, due to the easy aging of latex, 100% latex made of mattress durability is very low, so there is no 100% natural latex mattress.

Synthetic latex production materials from the PU and PE components of oil, belongs to the chemical products, performance and natural latex similar, but the environmental protection is poor, the quality varies.

Latex mattress has high elasticity, so the support is relatively strong.Because the material itself is soft to the touch, the fit is also better.

But latex mattress breathability in general, even if the internal pore structure, sleep for a long time the hole is compressed, coupled with the material itself poor breathability, so it can not be effective heat exhaust.

Domestic market pure latex mattress is very little (is a whole mattress is latex), generally are latex + spring form.

Speaking of latex mattresses, we must mention SweetNight brand, its status is like the spring mattress Simmons, if you like latex mattresses, more recommended this brand.

There is a foaming process called Traore, SweetNight generation of products also have to use this process, to make the latex better elasticity, better breathability, the price is more expensive.

And latex mattress quality is an important influencing factor is the production process, the best raw materials do not necessarily produce the best latex mattress.

Foam mattress

Foam mattress is a chemical product, also known as polyurethane foam.

The price is the cheapest inside all materials, but a price is worth a penny, its support and fit are more general, environmental protection is poor, inferior foam will have a great smell.

But due to the characteristics of the sponge foam class, the resistance to interference is still relatively strong.

Memory foam is a high-end product in the foam mattress, the price is also much higher, but essentially is also polyurethane foam that

The additive in memory foam changes its physical properties, making it have the characteristics of slow rebound.

What do you mean by slow rebound? When you press your hand on the memory foam, it leaves a handprint that lasts for a few seconds when you let go, which is slow rebound.

Because of its slow rebound characteristics, memory foam is less supportive, and there will be a feeling of not being able to get up. The same reason is not friendly to bed sports, men must be careful to buy.

Memory foam is one of the best-fitting materials, which can give the body a comfortable and proper touch.

The biggest disadvantage of memory foam is poor breathability, because of the very dense quality, prone to overheating during sleep.

And memory foam is very sensitive to temperature: it becomes soft when exposed to heat, which means that the hotter it sinks, the deeper it gets

So now there is a kind of thing called gel memory foam, the appearance is generally blue, cooler to the touch, but in essence does not improve the problem of poor breathability of memory foam.

Interference resistance, sponge-like materials generally have a relatively strong resistance to interference.

Memory foam due to the slow rebound characteristics make this advantage more prominent.

Pure sponge gel memory foam mattress (support layer for the support foam, the surface of the memory foam) durability is poor, because whether it is foam or sponge, sleep for a long time that piece is easy to collapse.

So memory foam is generally used as a mattress pad on the mattress, or as a comfort layer filled in the mattress surface to increase the fit.

Palm pad

There are two types of coir: mountain coir and coconut coir.

Mountain palm is the sheath fiber of the palm born in the mountains, its water resistance and corrosion resistance, elasticity and excellent toughness.

The cost is relatively high, is a high-end product in the coir, generally with natural latex as a binder, environmental protection.

While coconut palm refers to the production of tropical coast and river banks of coconut peel fiber, its elasticity and toughness is poor, containing sugar. The cost is relatively low, usually using composite glue to do the adhesive, environmental protection is poor, the price generally ranges from a few hundred to more than a thousand.

So do not think that the coir is pure natural pollution-free, any product no matter how natural the material, the processing is not in place as polluting.

In addition to the above, coir can also be divided according to the material into plate silk, piece of silk, head silk. Price and quality: head wire > piece of wire > plate wire.

Sleeping on a variety of mattresses and then sleep on the brown pad, there is only one word: hard.

So now some of the brown mattress will also be latex or sponge as a comfort layer, but the overall feeling is still hard, more suitable for parents who grew up sleeping on a hard bed that generation.

Brown pad to buy a little more expensive, cheap brown pad really has a variety of problems.

In addition to glue sticky formaldehyde, there are some black-hearted manufacturers and even in the brown wire mixed with hair grass, so the mattress is not moldy insects is strange.

The national industry standard is based on the standard of nature’s palm cushion.

His brown mattress are using natural latex as a binder, very environmentally friendly, and insect-proof. (Because the natural latex has insect-resistant function)

The downside is that the price is also very high-end, basically over 10,000.

Buying Guide

1, Shoes suitable for only feet know, must try to try in person!Do not be embarrassed to try, using their most commonly used sleeping position to lie for more than 10 minutes to have an effect.

The most commonly used sleeping position is generally the sleeping position you wake up in the morning.

Each brand of mattress has many series, others recommended style is not necessarily the most suitable for you.

2, Less than 10,000 yuan of mattresses, buy the most expensive within their means.

More than 10,000 yuan of mattresses do not necessarily pick the most expensive, because those very expensive very expensive mattresses are generally imported, actually more in line with the physiological structure of foreigners (S-shaped more obvious).

The tycoons also choose private custom, high-end mattress brands have this service, more than 200,000, more than 300,000, more than 400,000 are available.

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