How to save money on your honeymoon

After the expense and stress of wedding planning, the honeymoon should be enjoyable, welcome gateway. Whether you visit some crystal clear beaches, brave an open-air adventure or travel around a new city from your bucket list, the trip should be about enjoying your relationship and having a best time. But some of the wedding packages can actually make more financial problems if you do not know how to plan a honeymoon on an affordable budget.
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Here are some of the best ways to save money on your honeymoon trip:

Watch for last-minute deals

Sites like Secret flying and Travel zoo are designed for last-minute travellers. These websites identify last-minute flight coupon codes and deals nearly every day. But you have to be ready. You could wake up to find a round-trip flight to UK to the next week for less than $300, or an African safari for $1,000.

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Always be patient

If you delay your honeymoon for a month, or 2 or 6 days your big day, you may not just save money for off-season travel, but you will also have more time to keep for your dream trip. This is one reason why “mini-moons” have become famous. A long weekend after your wedding permits you to decompress and provides you time to plan a longer trip as a newlywed couple.
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Cash in on credit card reviews

Now might be a best time to register for and use a credit card that offers travel-related rewards. You can even think about reserving the card for wedding costs and using points you get for discount or free flights, hotel meals, nights and more.

Avoid peak season

High season or peak season is the time when a vacation place is the most famous and visitor flood to its gates like ants to a sugar cube. Top popularity means high prices, so everything is more costly – and not to mention more crowded. If you can plan your honeymoon at the best point, at low season or right in between low and high season, you are likely to get an excellent bargain with more affordable prices. Not only will your budget thank you but your worry levels will too, as you will get to reject crowds and scrambling to wait in long times while on your exotic honeymoon place.

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Spend on what matters to you

Talk with your partner and find out what really matters to the 2 of you in terms of honeymoon experience. If there are certain luxuries (regarding your hotel booking, plane ticket), you can go without, work these out in your budget so that you can waste your money less that are more vital to you.
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Bear in mind, this trip is a time where the two of you will make such lifelong, wonderful memories to share, so ensure you plan the best honeymoon for you, your way.
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Try public transportation

Opt for public transportation for domestic travelling during your honeymoon. Uber or private cabs can be costly. They will include to your budget hugely. This, it is excellent to try domestic buses, etc. Not only will it help you save money, but also you can experience the domestic touch of the town.

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