How to use Dog Toys Sounds Effectively on your Dog?

Dogs are known to have stronger senses, including a great sense to hear even the smallest of sounds. This is the reason why there are several dog toys are there in the market which that make sounds that help a dog to flourish. This dog toy sounds a major effect on the behaviour of your dog. Many benefits can be achieved by using dog toy sounds, as well as some side effects.

If you use this, you should know how to use it properly so that it does not cause any harm to your dog or any other pets in your house. This is why all of these are tips for using them:

1. Only Use Sound That Cannot Be Heard By Humans

These types of sounds are known to please dogs and help them cheer up. However, it can be harmful to dogs if humans can hear it. It could cause harm to the ears of your dog, and it could even affect the behaviour or condition of your dog.
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The reason for this is that in most cases, people will think that the dog is ill. For example, suppose your dog does not bark or remains too quiet when he/she is making faces or playing games with other dogs. You should take your dog to the veterinarian and ask the experts for proper treatment and checkups in such a case.

2. Use Sound That Has Lower Pitch

If you plan to use these types of sounds, make sure that they have a lower pitch and cannot be heard by anyone but dogs. The reason for this is that dogs would not be able to hear most of the sounds made with a higher pitch. They may also seem deaf during these times, so they will not play any games.

3. Use It In A Place Where There Is No Human Presence

If you want your dog to be calm, it is better to use dog toy sounds in places with no people. This is because some dogs could still hear humans even if they could not see them. This could make them anxious or stressed out and result in accidents or aggressive behaviour towards the present people. The same applies if other pets such as cats or guinea pigs are present in the room with your dog while making these types of sounds.

4. Choose The Toys With Your Preference

There are many types of toys available in the market that has a built-in sound. These types of toys usually have sounds that are not harmful to your dog. You are in the best position to make the best choice for your dog. After you use these sounds, you should make sure that they are away from the reach of dogs and pets.¬† Avoid the sound of young children’s voices.
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If you live in an apartment, try playing some soothing music instead.
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5. Choose Toys With Non-Replaceable Batteries

If you use these toys, make sure that they do not have replaceable batteries because they could be dangerous for your dog. If the battery is easily replaceable, your dog might decide to eat it, which may cause illnesses or even death.

Choosing a sound to comfort and cheer your dog is a great way to work with your dog. Just be careful to choose dog toy sounds that cheer your dog.

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