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L Shape Sofa Cover – The Best Fabric To Choose From

You have invested a butt load of money for the new sectional sofa and you are pretty happy with the purchase. However, you will be shocked to know that not all sofas are designed to last for a long time, if you fail to take complete care of it. Maybe you have tried doing so, but with hyperactive kids and pets all around, it can be pretty tough sometimes.

On the other hand, with time, the look of the sofa seems to wear out a bit. Maybe you don’t have the money to purchase a new sofa altogether. So, the easy step to address in here will be the l shape sofa cover, which will change the look of the sofa and will give it an all-new look for sure. 

Now, looking for the best fabric material is really important if you want to address the best cover. Not all fabric items are valuable and you need to choose the best one, matching your needs. So, check in till the end of the article now!

Introducing the cotton twill:

Cotton twill is one ideal option, which is cost efficient and can be placed on your sofa for instantly updating its look and value. Twill happens to be a tight weave, which can always resist wear and withstand higher-traffic use for various years, making it a wise choice for household with pets or children.

  • Multicolored patterns will show soil less than the solid-color fabrics.
  • Always be careful to not place cotton-covered sofa near any of the potential flame as this fabric can be flammable unless available treated.

Now for the microfiber:

An option that is often found on sofas available in home furnishing stores is the microfiber. It is always considered to be a budget-friendly choice, which will work well with any form of room décor.

  • Microfibers will have some stain-resistant properties.
  • It is used for treating added resistance.
  • So, cleaning up the product gets a lot easier with a damp cloth, and not a wet one.
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  • The tight weave will always make it resistant to pet claws.
  • Microfibers are now available widely in the fabric stores in various colors for sure.

Go for the velvet one:

You can try and get hands on the ply-blend or the high density wool velvet. These are sophisticated options, which will withstand wear over the past couple of years. They are noted to be highly versatile fabrics, which are available in multiple colors, which are inviting and cozy.

  • The flame-resistance of the velvet will actually depends on the makeup with some options, which are considered a bit towards the high flammable area.
  • So, make sure to check the label before you purchase if the sofa is placed near any potential flame like fireplace and more.

Get on with the other options:

Apart from the points mentioned above, you have leather and latex backed options available in here too. So, make sure to go through the available options and then get on with the best results. 

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