Pay Attention To These Alarming Signs of Nursing Home Negligence 

Nursing home negligence is a rising cause of concern in the states. Elder abuse takes various forms, such as physical abuse, emotional abuse, harassment, and more. Often the signs of nursing home negligence go unrecognized, making your elder one suffer. Additionally, the older adults in nursing homes may not be aware that they are becoming victims of negligence.
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As a child, seeing your parents suffer in a nursing home becoming a victim of the faculty’s negligence can be heartbreaking. You can consult Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys who can help you take legal actions against the nursing home and get justice for your parents. 

Some of the alarming signs of nursing home negligence: 

  • Chronic dehydration: 

Due to understaffing, there may not be enough people to look at your parents to ensure they are staying hydrated. Older adults can incur serious health problems such as low blood pressure, kidney failure, and more. If you notice that your parents have frequent dry mouths, complain about being thirsty all the time, have a sticky mouth, and more, it is a sign that they are suffering from dehydration. 

  • Weight loss: 

Weight loss in older adults is common. The medical reasons include stress and illness, but if there is no medical reason behind the weight loss of your parents, it is a cause of concern that the staff is negligent. Often, the staff may not pay close attention to your parent’s diet, resulting in weight loss. 

  • Nursing home not reporting the illness: 

If you notice that every time you visit your parents, they develop an illness that the nursing staff did not inform you of, it is a clear indication that the staff is negligent. It is the nursing home’s responsibility to inform you and keep you updated about your parent’s health, especially when you are listed as their primary contact. 

  • Lack of hygiene: 

If your parents need extra care with hygiene and daily chores, the nursing home staff must look after them. Alarming signs include seeing your parents in poor hygiene conditions, giving rise to other physical health conditions. The nursing home should provide the basic standard of care. 

  • Noticing physical injuries:

Pay close attention to any bruises, cuts, or other physical injuries your parents incur. Ask them about how they got the injury and confirm the same with the staff. If you notice the responses are different from the staff from that of your parents, immediately seek legal help. 

Nursing home negligence should not be ignored. Keeping your parents in a safe environment should be a priority. However, if you notice any of the signs above, consult a lawyer immediately and explore all the legal options available to seek justice and hold them accountable for their carelessness. 

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