Reasons Why Sticker Marketing’s Social Power is Still Effective

Statista found that in 2019 U.S. businesses spent $21.23 billion on marketing – a huge amount! Especially in times of social media, there seems to be a hundred different ways products can be marketed, and we tend to believe that we have to cater for all of these channels.
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But we do not. In this article, we will bring marketing back to basics. We will talk you through one of the oldest and most established, yet often overlooked methods: sticker marketing. Yes, we said stickers. The little adhesive-backed pieces of plastic or paper you might be familiar with from your childhood. 

Custom stickers have an established part in advertising, but have been increasingly neglected in the digital world. We will give you hands-on tips and tricks on how to use stickers for your business and how to make them work in 2021. 

Marketing still happens in the mind 

While you can measure your marketing successes with numbers and spreadsheets, at its very core, marketing happens in the mind of a customer. Purchases decisions are made subconsciously and are influenced by a gut feeling. 

Our decisions depend on the way we perceive a brand. When thinking about a certain product or service, the first brand or business name that pops into our mind is usually the one we trust and want to buy from. 

But who can a business secure that prime spot in a customer’s mind? A gut feeling can obviously be difficult to engineer. What you can focus on instead are numerous positive emotions that should be directly associated with your brand.
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Stickers can help you achieve that. They become a symbol for the values your business represents and can incorporate your customers into that story. 

The power of gift-giving

But how can you go about this? One of the most effective ways is to hand out free stickers, be that with your orders, every purchase, at events or even to influencers. They are guaranteed to ignite a positive response. 

Their secret power is that stickers are not seen as an advertising tool. Much rather, we perceive them as a gift. The giving of gifts has long been part of advertising as it evokes a psychological process called the rule of reciprocity. 

When we receive a gift, we feel the subconscious desire to return the perceived favor we have just received. This increases the likelihood of a purchase, a re-purchase, a recommendation or even a post on social media.

Through a simple sticker, you can create such positive associations and link them directly to your brand. Just think about your customers using your logo as a phone or laptop sticker for everyone to see while singing your praises. 

The allure of customization 

There is much more to stickers. They cannot only be used as gifts, but are true advertising all-rounders. At the bottom line, stickers are very cost-effective. When bought in bulk, they often come to as little as a few pennies per sticker. Through this, a positive return of investment is almost guaranteed. 

Moreover, customers love an individualized or customized product. Do you remember Coca Cola’s ‘Share a Coke with’ campaign? Using sticky labels, they individualized their bottles with what are essentially name tags. 

This simple move worked amazingly well. Everyone was on the hunt for their name on a bottle. Coca Cola’s sales increased from 1.7bn servings per day to 1.9bn! 

There is no reason you cannot tap into the same power. Stickers can be a part of every aspect of your business from, packaging to product labelling.

We hope we were able to show you how effective sticker marketing can still be in 2021. If you have any questions or more tips you would like to share, please let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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